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  • October 23rd, 2020
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Halloween is just days away and you are in a panic trying to figure out how to make your apartment ready for the season. With so many ideas out there, it’s easy to get confused as to what to put where most especially if you only have little time to prepare. Here we give you five easy ways to make your apartment look and feel ready for that spooky holiday that you can do in just a day or two.

Make your Apartment ready for Halloween in 5 Easy Steps

There are a lot of DIY decorating ideas out there you could go ahead and try. If you’ve been preparing for weeks now, you probably have everything under control. But for those who just need an easy fix, this is for you.

Halloween pumpkin

Get those pumpkins

You can never go wrong with pumpkins on Halloween – they’re must-haves. Pumpkins are sold everywhere during this season and all it takes is for you to go out there and get a few different sizes. Spice it up a little by getting those white or even carnival multi-hued pumpkins aside from the traditional orange gourds for variation. While you’re at it, get some pinecones and some leaves that you could put here and there once you start setting those pumpkins around your apartment. This automatically transforms your apartment into a Halloween ready space.

Pumpkins can be set at the top of kitchen cabinets or along a mantle. They can even make be a festive masterpiece on top of the dinner table or the living room. Just make sure you draw faces or leaves on them to make them look more interesting.

scary pumpkins

Halloween Banner

Next on the list of easy things to do is to either make (if you have time) or just buy a wicked Halloween banner you can hang on the wall in your living room or anywhere you want to have them. This definitely wraps up the whole theme you’re going for just in case it isn’t pretty obvious yet.

pumpkins and candle

Set the Halloween mood

Now that you have the pumpkins, some leaves, and the jars and candies and banner as accessories, it’s time you set the Halloween mood. The best way to do this is to set the mood with lights. You can go with some orb light or some jack-o-lanterns you may have carved or shopped for or get some string lights to hang along with the ceiling of your living room or in the patio.

You can also go with some candlelight but if safety is a concern, stick to using some electric candles which gives the same effect.

friends in scrabble tile

Secure Bookshelves to the Wall

Kids have a tendency to climb and reach for things way above their heads. And though you might warn or forbid them, we all know how curiosity can take over. If your bookshelves or other similar furniture are unstable, they can easily topple over and injure the little ones. To avoid this, secure shelves or other tall furniture to the wall. This way, they won’t budge even if your kid tries their mightiest to push and tug.

witch boots

Outside decor

You’ve got the inside covered, now it’s time to do a little bit of something on the outside. Now, since this covers an easy fix, there’s no time to plan out anything too complicated. If your apartment has a window sill, a patio, a terrace, or an outdoor entry, then you can go ahead and get some skeletons or anything that represents Halloween that you can easily purchase at any store and have them placed in any of these areas in your apartment. The trick is to find one item that doesn’t need too much thought as to how they can be staged.

Add to this a pumpkin on a stool full of candies for kids who might do trick or treating in your apartment complex.

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