5 Apartment Storage Ideas For Small Spaces
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  • October 16th, 2020
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5 Apartment Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

One of the challenges of maintaining a small apartment is to make sure there is enough storage for practically anything. If you haven’t done general cleaning in the past few weeks, do one now, and we guarantee you’d realize how you were able to fit everything in your living space. Fifty percent of that would most likely even be something you won’t or don’t need. Here you get to know apartment storage ideas to help free up space for everything you need and, yes, maybe even things you want in that small apartment.


5 Apartment Storage Ideas for Small Spaces you should try

Although these apartment storage ideas are mainly for small spaces, these would also work for apartment owners who just want to keep things more organized at home. They’re easy to do, and they’re creative ideas that would also make your living space more attractive. So, let’s get to it!

Store Vertically

The first thing you should do is to store items vertically instead of horizontally. Doing this would give you more space for more important things. The trick is to use shelves, racks, or any storage compartment oriented vertically. The higher, the better.

living room

If you plan to use mounted storage compartments or hooks, your orientation should be from top to bottom instead of left to right. Again, vertically. You get the point.

Use Open Shelf Dividers

The next tip is for you to use open shelf dividers. Using this kind of shelf would not only give you storage but can also work as a divider between rooms you have in your apartment without actually putting a wall that would make your living space look smaller.

While having open shelf dividers is a smart idea, you also have to be creative with it. Nobody wants to see a messy shelf with just random stuff, which brings us to our next idea.

Nice-looking storage bins/baskets for shelf stuffing

If you are storing books or plan to display some artifacts or any interesting piece, there’s no need for bins. But if you plan to keep other items that do not look good on their own, make sure you put them inside a good looking bin or basket that you can then use as containers.


That way, you organize your things while making your apartment look even more impressive.

Bookshelf Behind your bed, store more items under the bed.

A genius way to make sure you have enough storage space for what you want and need in the bedroom is to put a bookshelf right behind your bed. That way, it works as a storage and a headboard. Use baskets or bins, as mentioned earlier, to make sure that it doesn’t look messy. You can even have more storage under your bed for other things you just really want to keep.

The advantage of doing this is that you won’t need any other storage besides what’s already installed in your bedroom, allowing you to have room for what you want.

Mount what you can

The last and one of the most effective ways to save space in your apartment is to mount what you can. Whether its bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils, tools, or even clothing, you can get creative in mounting as many items as you possibly can. Search for inspiration on the web, and we guarantee you won’t get enough of it. Just make sure not to overdo it.

These five apartment storage ideas are just what you need to keep things organized at home and to make sure you have enough storage to make space for more of the essential things you need and want. Plus, it makes you look like an expert when it comes to keeping things tidy at home. So, plan that general cleaning soon and have fun creating more storage for that small space.

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