5 Luxury Tableware Essentials to Have
  • Kim
  • March 13th, 2019
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When it comes to festive dinner parties, there should be a sense of extravagance and class in each detail. You would need a number of things to experience this luxury, so why not invest in tableware essentials? Although some of these items may have a higher cost, you will surely need some nice and sparkly things in your home especially if you are to host the dinner of all dinners. Here are five of these beautiful must-haves.

1. A classy Display Stand.

An unforgettable dinner party begins with some unforgettable canapé. As LuxDeco says, canapés preface the main event perfectly by giving guests a taste of what’s to come. So, these hors d’œuvres will make a statement with a classy display stand whether it’s a tiered cake stand, a cake dome, or a Lazy Susan. The best material, by the way, for such a stand can be marble, ceramic or glass. These double as a classy centerpiece, too.

2. A Nut Bowl.

Dinners are not meant to be rushed. Instead, they’re meant to be savored to the last minute. This relaxed state of mind is best enjoyed with dinner grazing moments while enjoying some snacks served in a nut bowl with personality. You can use these delightful pieces for a selection of nuts or some other decadent snacks like dried fruit, or some sweets. These darlings come in a trio of dishes with wonderful flavors.

3. A Treats Platter.

The word “indulgence” comes into play here and this time, we’re talking about chocolate – LOTS of it! You will never go wrong with a plate of the best chocolates you can get your hands for your dinner party. Having these treats on a silver or gold platter will look beautiful on a coffee table for everyone to enjoy. You’ll definitely spoil your guests with a selection of confectionary.

4. A Cheeseboard.

An upscale dinner party will always include some cheese, crackers, and wine. Remember, the presentation is everything. What better way to showcase such a classic snack other than a refined marble cheese board with its matching knife? If you’re not into marble, a rustic wooden design would be a wonderful choice, too. The cheese experts would say that the perfect cheese board includes a soft, a hard, and a blue – so a brie, a fine cheddar and a Stilton.” What is better than that?

5. One-of-a-Kind Placemats and Table Jewels.

Bring out the glitz and glamor with some upscale napkin rings and some special placemats. The season definitely calls for beading, embellishments or embroidery on placemats that transforms a simple white table into a gorgeous ensemble. Match them up with beautiful napkins in metallic napkin rings, and you’ve got the perfect dinner already. Go for charming garlands, lustrous encrusted designs, or other unique napkin rings that look like table jewels.

For your dinner party to be unforgettable, don’t be scared to be extravagant. After all, you want every moment spent with your family and friends to be significant, right? So, give them something to remember and talk about with your luxurious tableware!

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