5 Nitty-Gritties Any Luxury Closet Should Have
  • Kim
  • May 16th, 2018
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Anyone’s closet speaks a lot about a person. From pet peeves to staples, what he has in his closet shows so much about his personality. It would be assumed that if one has seen a person’s closet, they’d have a pretty good idea as to who that somebody is. But then, building a wardrobe takes time and special choices as to every clothing apparel, jewelry, shoes, accessories and even the overall dress style come from experience, maturity, and that certain place of self-contentment.

The point is, once a person did find himself in that stage and niche, then he can easily work his way up from there and this is where the essential closet space comes in. To have a sanctuary for everything you have slowly built up on is sort of like having a solace or your very own gallery. So, to give due respect to those painstaking and luxurious purchases and be assured of care against wear and tear, having these five practical things in your closet is a must.

Have More than Enough Space than you Think you Need.

In reality, when it comes to storage, you’ll always feel the need for more. So, when it comes to planning out your walk-in closet, think of the floor and ceiling closet space. Ideally, Decoist says that there should be at least two inches between each hanging item. You’d also like to have your clothes to breathe in some air to preserve the fabric and material. Drawer space is another thing. Once you’ve folded you’re tops, it would be good to feel that the whole leaning tower of shirts wouldn’t topple down when you pull one shirt out. Also, have each rods and shelves custom made for the types of clothes you have so they all look aesthetically pleasant.

Be sure to Install a Custom-Made Shelf for Shoes.

Again, every pair of shoes anyone has purchased has a story to tell. It can even be sort of nostalgic, really. Right? So, of course who wouldn’t want to have the needed pedestal for such a handsome and fashionable display? A shoe shelf dedicated for your shoes is a must. You could even add some lighting so you can see every detail and color even more precisely. Categorize shoes according to their height, style, material, color, and season-of-use. Custom-made shelves would even give the highest heels and tallest boots their well-deserved home.

Closet Mirrors are a Must.

A full-sized closet mirror is a very useful thing to have in a closet. But what is much better is to have a 360-degree mirror installed. That way you get to see every angle of your wardrobe. No blind sides. This promises a clean and crisp fitting and look. For added guarantee, you can have a step stool for those doubtful hemlines or even a mannequin so you could check how things look altogether before trying them on.

A Jewelry and Accessory Section is Worth It.

Accessorizing with jewelry, scarves, ties, hats or other what-nots is an art. And for sure, picking out every trinket was given much thought. For any occasion at all, there are those items that you must have in addition to the clothes you wear. These accessories are equally important as the shoes you wear. So, be sure to have a section organized for all of these things. An accessory station makes it easy to find everything, especially when you’re in a rush.

Have a Pull-Out Ironing Board Installed in your Closet.

This does not need much explaining. It is utterly convenient to have an ironing board installed in your closet. Making it hidden is genius because it won’t be bulky nor would it be an eye sore. Once you’ve settled with your OOTD, then you can easily touch up those wrinkles with the faithful iron. There are just some things that will never have to grow old.

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