5 Ways to Marry Comfort and Productivity
  • Kim
  • March 5th, 2018
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“I’m going home” is such an exciting thing to say because, at home, you have the luxury of slacking about with no one to judge you. Being at home is the most significant temptation to stop thinking, stop feeling, and stop being functional even for a few hours. But we all know that the life train keeps on chugging. If we don’t want to be the man tied to the railroad tracks, we need to keep chugging at home as well. That’s why aside from maximum comfort, our homes should also be equipped to make us feel that we are free to choose our purpose. Just think about crediting your apartment as the start of a world-class masterpiece. Make sure that you have the right space for it.


1. Keep it neat

The first thing to do to achieve maximum comfort and productivity is keeping things neat to your definition. Honestly, who wants to have to jump over a pile of miscellaneous things before they could get a glass of water? If you’re training to jump over hurdles, why not?

But no matter how much of a messy person you are, at least keep things organized so that you won’t have to keep repeatedly stumbling in a minute. Claim the throne and place a law of order in your place. It’ll not only save your toes from utter destruction but also your sight. This sounds like your nagging mom, but if you don’t want any more headaches trying to find your keys in the clutter, better do as she says. There are less wasted time and more space to spew the creative juices at.

Keep it neat


2. Don’t pretend you’re not lazy

Don’t pretend you’re not lazy

An essential thing to remember if you want to be productive is not to pretend that you’ll get up from your desk to get a pen from your collection displayed on the bookshelf. Be practical when you arrange your stuff. If you’re setting up a workplace, take every single thing you need and keep it in one place. Make the aesthetics work for you and not the other way around. When we’re in the zone, comfort or work, we have to stay in the area to get the full benefits.


3. Self-support

Don’t just limit the motivations and inspirations to your work area. Spread it all around the room in abundance. If you’re not the motivational quotes type, influence your decor with your goals. Some people like putting up pictures of the places they want to see. Others go crazy and slather their dreams on everything, even the bedspreads. Subtle hints here and there do miracles, especially in the dark days. Plus, you’ll have your house training to be a really strong and independent individual.

Be generous with creating an encouraging atmosphere in your apartment. Taking note of which details like color, texture, and space make or break your concentration and determination can help you change up your game. Make sure that within your home, it’s only you who can break your resolve.



4. Think like a stranger

Think like a stranger

Once you step into your apartment, forget that you live there. Take a good look around and ask yourself if you’d get anything done in that place. Ask yourself seriously and without bias. If you saw that your setup was leaning too much towards comfort, you have to ask yourself if it’s really for the best.

We don’t always have time to be meticulous about our homes, but once in a while, we have to take a step back and recheck if our setup is still doing the trick. But make sure you’re not going too hard on yourself and turning your place into a mini-office or mini-classroom. Don’t torture yourself.


5. Change, change, and more change

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind having their place stay stagnant for a very long time, you’re lucky. Staying dormant for a very long time can dull your creativity. The most extreme point is that it can get toxic enough for you to hate to go home. So if you’re feeling stuck, don’t be afraid to give your place a new identity. Repaint, swap out some decor, get a fish, try trends, etc. Once in a while, shake up your home. Put things together or pull them apart. Give yourself new spaces and perspectives every single time. Guaranteed, you’ll make your mind busier for the better.

Change, change, and more change

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