The Most Affectionate Pets for Apartments
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  • July 5th, 2019
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Owning a pet has a number of advantages like relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. This is also the reason why taking care of pets is linked to improved physical health overall. Blood pressure and the risk of having heart attacks is lowered significantly. In addition, according to the author of “Who Gets Sick: How Beliefs, Moods, and Thoughts Affect Your Health,” Blair Justice, opportunities to have physical contact with pets releases pain relievers in the body like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and prolactin. This simply means that choosing the right pet is important if you are looking into improving your well-being. So, to get the most out of the pet ownership experience, It is highly recommended to get one of the most affectionate pets for apartments to call your own.


Affectionate Pets for Apartments: Dog Breeds

Without a doubt, dogs come at the top of the list when talking about affectionate pets. You will know your dog is naturally friendly and cuddly if they start snuggling and hugging, if they wag their tails whenever they see you, they bark and start licking you, lean against you, or start following you around. Other ways to know that they are showing affection if they play games with you, jump up into the air, and of course when they do everything they can to protect you. It is through those ways you know for sure that your dog is extremely lovable and sweet. If you are thinking of getting a dog to share these cuddly moments with, you would need to know which dog breeds are the friendliest and the most outgoing.


First up, Beagles are happy-go-lucky and absolutely love being around people. They are never weary around strangers and have merry personalities that are always fun and exciting. Another good option is the Bearded Collie. These fluffy dogs are naturally affectionate and lively, too. They get along with humans and fellow animals. They are also goofy and silly, things we all need to be once in a while. Third, you can go with Boston Terriers. These guys are social and full of energy. They love to play and love to cuddle. Strangers can actually pet and kiss them. The best thing is that Boston Terriers are loyal and always great to be around.

Fourth, you can choose Boxers as your new best friend. They are active, loyal, fun and social. They love getting attention and affection from their owners. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is yet another affectionate breed. They are considered companion dogs because they demand a lot of attention and love to cuddle and are always eager to please. Other affectionate dog breeds to choose from include the English Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Pugs, Saint Bernard, and the adorable Welsh Corgi.


Non-Traditional Friendly and Affectionate Pets You Can Make Your Own

Aside from dogs, there are other special pets that are equally affectionate and fun to be around. Among these exotic animals include rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, cockatiels, and bearded dragon lizards. Rabbits are the type of animals that bond closely with their owners. They are interactive and have various personalities that match the personalities of their owners. They are great companions and can be trained to get along with other pets. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, are easy to care for. They are sweet-tempered, especially with their caretakers. They make adorable sounds like purring and wheeking. Because of how sweet they are, they can be a great choice as first pets for young children.


Rats, although an odd choice, are actually affectionate in a subtle way. They love hanging out with their owners and they show this by sitting on their laps. They love mazes and solving puzzles. If you are given a choice to have a male or female, choose the males since they are calmer and friendlier. Next, Cockatiels are also a good option because they are easy to hand-tame. They can learn how to speak words and even sing songs. They respond to music and are social eaters – when their owners eat, they eat too. They are great as first pets for children and make a lifelong bond with the family.


Finally, you can choose to have a Bearded Dragon Lizard. These lizards are gentle and easy to handle. They are manageable and do not grow too large. They easily recognize and respond to their owners. You can also see them waving their hands or bobbing their heads when they communicate with other bearded dragons. Believe it or not, these guys love to cuddle with their owners when they reach adulthood.

If dogs or exotic animals are not what you would like to have as pets, you can always go with the affectionate cats, pot-bellied pigs, horses, cockatoos, sugar gliders, skunks, chinchillas, or hamsters. With so many pets to choose from, every pet owner will surely find one that perfectly matches their personality.

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