How to Make Your Apartment Look Classy on a Budget
  • Kim
  • August 5th, 2020
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Decorating an apartment is a lot of work and it doesn’t come cheap. But every homeowner would like to at least put in the effort of making their apartment look clean, homey, and for some, classy. But classy can be expensive with luxurious fabric, furniture, mirrors, and rugs. That’s why most people skip the idea altogether and just stick to neutral, simple, or any other style that would fit the budget. Here, we give you some tricks you can do to make your apartment look classy on a budget so you could get that lavish magazine-worthy home you’ve been wanting for a long time.


Tip #1 Floor-to-ceiling curtains

One of the cheapest ways to totally revamp the total look of your apartment is to use floor-to-ceiling curtains. Doing that draws the attention of the eyes upward and ultimately enhances the visual height of space according to Rushda Hakim of Interior Marketing Group.

Choose curtains that go with the total look for each room in your apartment. A tip is to go for sheer, light fabric to get more natural light in.

Tip #2 Display Antiques

The word classy means sophisticated. And you can’t get more sophisticated with a piece of antique in your apartment. You may be thinking antiques are crazy expensive and it would be next to impossible to buy one. Well then, don’t.


What you need to do is just find a piece or two that would pass as something that has been there for a long period of time. Something you might have picked up at a flea market in Paris, maybe. You can go with mirrors, lamps, furniture, or even small accessories like antique boxes, or antique picture frames.

Tip #3 Add Metallic pieces

Next to antiques would be to add a couple of metallic pieces. This instantly makes any room look and feel luxurious. You could either go with a brass table or pieces of vintage silver. However big or small these items are, it’s important not to overdo it.

Tip #4 Get an Accent Table

With curtains, antiques, and metallic pieces now in place, you now move on to getting an accent table you can include in the set of furniture you already have. If you decide on spending on an item, spend on a metallic accent table and position it between or alongside your chairs. This easily transforms any room giving that touch of elegance without even changing too much of what you have at home.


Tip #5 Always have fresh flowers

Looking at pictures of classy homes in magazines, you would always spot some flowers in that frame. Whether or not they’re real is not really much of our concern, but in your home, real fresh flowers are just what you need to get the total look. You don’t need a huge display on every surface. You just want a bouquet that’s full and lush. Classy at home, classy in pictures.

Tip #6 Change lighting, add lighting fixtures

Lighting is another factor in making any room look much better. It can set the mood and make any space look warmer and homier. You do this by adding light fixtures like that can also be a focal point in any room. A simple cylinder or drum lampshade can do the trick


IYou can also use dimmer switches. Dim lighting speaks classy and if you do have the time and means to make this happen, this can be an investment you won’t regret making.

If you’re wanting to redo the interior of your home completely, that would be the ideal thing to do most especially if you have resources to do so. Meantime, while that dream renovation is on your mind, stick to what you can do at the moment. Go with these tips and tricks to get that classy look for your apartment on a budget.

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