Apartment Decorating as a Modern Minimalist
  • Kim
  • August 29th, 2018
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Being a modern minimalist means being selective and there’s nothing wrong with that. With all the noise and clutter of 21st-century living, of course, the last thing you need is a noisy and cluttered home. Going minimalist has its benefits. Not only does this clear up space, but it clears up your mind which is where destressing begins. Having a less-is-more kind of lifestyle can be easy, however, it entails a certain level of discipline and commitment. So, here are some tips on doing just that, so you wouldn’t have to fuss.

Embrace the “One in, One out” Philosophy

To prevent filling your home with nonessentials and dust-collecting things, why not adopt Colleen Madsen’s “one in, one out” philosophy at home. Simply put, you would need to let go of one thing in turn for every new item you bring into your home. This does not necessarily mean that the item you need to let go of matches that one which is making its way in. More preferably, go for letting go of an item that is either an equal size or bigger in size. This way, you’ll really feel the decluttering vibe.

Believe in “Bare is Beautiful”

Other phrases that go along with this mindset are “Keep things simple,” “Stick with the basics,” and “Neutral brings calm.” There is something unforgettably elegant when you walk into a room feeling like you can really breathe and feel free. Open spaces, neutral colors, simple and light fabrics, everything-in-its-place shelves, and the life-giving natural light coming in through the windows — enough said.

Prefer the Sophistication of straight lines

This has much to do with the layout of your home. Linear layouts are naturally minimalist. In applying this, remember to always have ample space for people to walk through any room. Arrange your furniture in straight lines. Choose L-shaped sofas as well as parallel seating so the room won’t look and feel crowded.

Never compromise quality over quantity


Decorating your apartment with a pared-back state of mind can be tricky because you’d need to carefully consider each piece you would like to bring into your home. In doing this, always remember that what you want is to create a space you would love to spend time relaxing in. And since classic items are not as loud as today’s home furnishing trends, then it may be a good idea to invest in timeless pieces. Nothing else spells elegance than classy old school pieces.

So, when it comes to decorating like a modern minimalist pro, remember to take it easy. One step at a time is well worth it, especially when you want to enjoy the process of creating your very own zen-like home.

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