How To Make Your Apartment Feel More “Grown-Up”
  • Kim
  • August 24th, 2020
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Remember the first time you moved into your apartment? It’s the best feeling in the world. You get to buy your own furniture meaning a table, a chair, and a bed, and maybe some curtains and then a few posters or picture frames to hang on the wall. A few years back that would have been it. But as you grow older, your taste in design changes and you find yourself looking at magazines trying to figure out just how you could change the whole vibe of your apartment. How to make it feel more you or basically, more grown-up

plants and windows

Apartment Hacks To Make it feel more Grown Up

Plants, and more plants!

Since it’s already a thing, let’s get it out there. Plants are your new best friends in this venture. Not everyone is a green thumb but you should know that there are plants that do not actually take a lot of effort to take care of. So, before you say no, go out and get yourself some succulents and cacti to start with.

Put these plants around your home. Put one in the middle of your coffee table, one in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and maybe some on the kitchen top. But if you want to go full-on with it, get yourself a plant stand and have a corner for these newfound best friends of yours.

book shelves

Books in an actual bookshelf

If you’re a bookworm, you probably have a ton of books under your bed or in a box somewhere. It’s time you had a proper bookshelf or better yet, make them part of decorations in your apartment. Display a few on your coffee table, have a pile next to the couch, or put them on display on a shelf in the living room.

If you’re not a bookworm, maybe it would be time for you to start a new hobby. If not, just get a few you might read and just have them around. Nothing speaks grown up more than books

horse painting

Have posters and art framed, buy a piece of quality art

For the longest time, posters and art around your apartment might just have hung on the wall with tape or a few nails. It’s time you get them in actual frames. While you’re at it, maybe it would be the perfect time to get rid of wall art that you’ve outgrown and just keep those that you know you’d want to keep for the many years to come.

Another option would also be to actually buy real art. Sure, it may cost you but the feeling of having a piece of art (that you like) hung on your wall will not only make your apartment feel grown up It will actually make you a grown up.

white bed

Get your bed off the Floor

Take a look at your bedroom, it could be that up to now, your bed still is on the floor. Put it on a frame where it belongs and go for at least a queen size if you are thinking of buying a new one.

This instantly changes the whole vibe of your apartment, most especially your bedroom, and would make you feel more of an adult than a college student in a temporary living space.

bed side table

Get Some White Sheets

Once you have your bed on a frame, move on to getting you some white sheets. There’s nothing wrong with having fun colored sheets, but if you’re all into the idea of making your apartment feel more grown up, then this could be the last step that would complete that.

These five apartment hacks are easy to do. The only thing you’d have to have is the willingness and the motivation to do it. Make your apartment feel more grown up and have yourself come to a living space that you’d want to go home to every day.

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