Apartment Fire Safety Tips for High-Rise Buildings
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  • September 13th, 2019
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Living in a high-rise building has several challenges that are not experienced in low-rise buildings. Should a fire hit high-rise structures, it is a bit more complicated to think of egress time and distance, evacuation strategies, fire control, smoke movement, and fire department accessibility. This is why, early on, it is important to know some life-saving apartment fire safety tips.


High-Rise Buildings Apartment Fire Safety Tips

When it comes to fire safety, an important thing to remember is that once you hear the fire alarms go off, that means the alarm systems have detected smoke and fire. It is important to have presence of mind and remember these tips:

1. Everyone in the building should know where to find the alarm boxes on the wall that has a pull bar. These are known as fire alarm boxes. They are usually found within five feet of any exit door.

2. If there is a fire, pull the manual fire alarm box handle as you leave the building. If the system senses smoke or fire, a loud horn or tone will be heard. Again, everyone should know what these sounds mean and they should also know how to react.

3. Once you hear these sounds, leave the building right away. Stay outside until told to go back in. It is extremely important to treat any fire alarm as an emergency.


When it comes to escaping the building, residents should know where all the exit stairs are located. If, for example, the nearest one is blocked by fire or smoke, use another exit. If the fire alarm sounds feel the door before opening and if it is hot, use another way out. If it is cool, then you know it is safe to leave.

Close all the doors behind you as you leave and take the key to your apartment with you just in case you are not able to get out of the building. If all doors and exits have been blocked, calmly go back and stay in your apartment and keep the door closed. Cover the cracks around the door with towels and tape and call the fire department. Let them know that you are trapped and where. Calling 9-1-1 is also advised.


Planning Ahead

Since you are living in an apartment building, you need to think ahead and always be prepared. Know the fire safety features in your building and be willing to work with your neighbors to help keep your building free and fire-safe. Here are some essential reminders.

Make sure you are familiar with your building’s evacuation plan. The evacuation plan should be posted in places where the residents can see it. It is the responsibility of the building management to hold a fire drill with occupants on a yearly basis. Participate in those drills. If you are looking for a high-rise home, choose one that has a sprinkler system. These sprinklers can extinguish a fire in less time. Identify all key exits in your building. If you have an escape planning grid, mark these exits on your escape plan. Include the various stairways too, just in case one is blocked by fire.

TAnother reminder is to never use the elevator in case of fire. Always use the stairs. Practice using the stairs as part of the escape plan. If ever someone in your home has some difficulty climbing down the steps, be prepared with a contingency plan. Further, it is important to stay low. Smoke from a fire is toxic and deadly. Practice getting low and under the smoke to the exit. Another thing to do is to seal yourself in for safety if you cannot exit. Stay by the window so fresh air can get in. Do not, at any time, break the windows because if smoke enters the room from outside the building, you have no protection.

High-rise buildings have been given much attention these days because its multiple floors require many people to travel vertical distances on stairs to evacuate the building. This is why, if you live in such a type of apartment, safety is to be given priority.

comfort room

To remove mold from tiles or grout, scrub or wipe the area with some cloth. You can use bleach to kill the mold in the grout. You may need to give the moldy areas some good scrubbing with a toothbrush. After that, apply a sealer to the grout. If you find it impossible to remove the mold from the grout, remove it and replace it with some new grout. You can use a flat screwdriver to do this.

If mold is found in the shower and bathtub, you know for sure that grime from body oils and soap scum has been washed off and made its way to the shower or tub. This creates the food source that mold feeds on. To get rid of mold in these areas and prevent its growth, clean the moldy areas with your preferred cleaning product. Next, wipe the shower and tub dry to minimize leftover moisture. Another good idea is to buy plastic inserts for the shower and bathtub. These can be taken out and cleaned easily.

comfort room

To remove mold in the bathroom basin because of soap scum and grime, clean it regularly just like how you manage moldy showers and bathtubs. For bathroom drains, remove mold by scrubbing it away with a brush or cloth. Take off the grate of your drain and scrub the mold growing inside the drain pipe. It is possible to unscrew the drain pipe if you have a hard time reaching the mold. Pour drain cleaner or a mold killing solution like vinegar or bleach to kill the mold inside the drain.

If you have mold caused by blocked bathroom drains, the only solution is to buy chemical products to unclog the drain. Blocked drains are caused by water that has been sitting in the drain, standing for long periods. If water does not drain as fast as how the water runs from the tap, then you know that your drain is clogged.


Another thing to watch out for in the bathroom is that mold can also get on objects you place in the area. These items can be shampoo bottles, beauty products, old soaps, and others. As long as you have objects that trap water, you can expect mold to grow and spread. For these cases, be sure you do not allow objects to sit on surfaces that are often wet. Store them in higher shelves so they keep dry during showering. Minimize objects in the bathroom. Remove all other extra objects that are not being used. If you would still want to keep them in the bathroom, regularly clean them separately.

kitchen utensils

How to Get Rid of Kitchen Oil Stains on Walls

There are several tips to get rid of stubborn kitchen oil stains. The first tip is to use candle wax. Daub candle wax on the ceramic tile juncture at the affected area and simply wipe it off. Another tip is to use rice water. Paint some sticky rice water on the stove and wait for it to dry. Once dried, scrape this gently. Third, combine some lemon and baking soda as a grease remover. Rub this solution on oil stains to help remove it. You can also use pure lemon juice for this one. Finally, if the oil stain is fresh, you can use hot water to clean it off. Just be sure you do this immediately.

bedroom chair

Switch up the layout of your bedroom. Sometimes, the best thing to do with a boring room is to just move things here and there. While doing this, declutter your space. You will be surprised to know that it may be the only thing you needed to do to make your bedroom feel brand new.

Update your bedroom furniture by replacing fixtures and details with new hardware. What you need to do is simply take your screwdriver and take out the old drawer pulls or doorknobs and replace them with newer designs or versions. There are so many versions to choose from depending on the look you are going for. You can have rustic metal, hand-painted ceramic, polished wood, or sleek chrome.

Finally, try putting a pretty potted plant (or two) in your bedroom and let nature do what it does best—make everything look and feel alive. This not only looks nice, but it also helps purify the air. It is these little extras that make your space your own. So don’t hesitate to add touches of whimsy with your decorations, pillows, blankets, or anything at all.

1. “Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Billboard is spot on when they said, “if this doesn’t magically transport you to a crisp, romantic fall afternoon in Central Park, then we can’t help you. No one can.” Enough said.

2. reen Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” Since fall seems to be the season of contemplating and letting go, Green Day’s record makes it perfect for the melancholic mood.

3. “Pale September” by Fiona Apple. Fiona is the Autumnal Queen because of the words she put into song: “The autumn days swung soft around me/ Like cotton on my skin/ But as the embers of the summer lost their breath and disappeared/ My heart went cold and only hollow rhythms resounded from within.”

4. “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo. The title says it all, actually. Why argue?

5. “Gone Till November” by Wyclef Jean. This is a song that is perfect all year but is best enjoyed in November, of course.

6. The Kinks song, “Autumn Almanac.” This track has that upbeat tune for “fall enthusiasts.”

7. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young. The harvest moon is quintessential to fall so paying tribute to it is the perfect thing to do.

8. “Leaves That Are Green” by Simon & Garfunkel. With a song talking about how green leaves turn brown, you can never go wrong.

9. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Grown” by The White Stripes. Being reminded of fallen dead leaves makes everything all the more autumn-y because there are those times when you know you just have to savor some sorrow.

10. “November Rain” by Guns N’Roses for even more love for autumn leaves.

All those Fall Feels will surely come to life in your apartment with these cozy decorating tips and this awesome playlist. All you need to do is to soak it all up and embrace that autumnal state of mind.

bed room

Whatever design you choose, faux finishes instantly transforms your home, making it feel brand new. Aside from this technique is affordable and it is possible to do it yourself. But, if you want to have a polished look, hire the pros. Faux finishing is also long-lasting. It does not peel off like wallpaper. You can also update the look by simple touch-ups. Faux finishes are versatile, it can be used to decorate your walls, ceramic and glass surfaces, cabinets, pretty much anything. Finally, faux finishing is attractive to buyers, especially when you consider reselling your home. Just be sure the finishing is done right.

bed room

#3 The Bedroom and Living Room. It can be easy to do clean up the bedroom. From the top-down, get all the cobwebs out of the corners with an extendable duster. Clean the door frames and wipe down baseboards. Patch the walls, spot clean, and vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Check all closets and cabinets. Make sure that they are dusted and vacuumed. Next, sweep through the room and be sure you have not left any valuables or personal items.

Other Important Things to Cover

According to the owner of a property management firm in Massachusetts, Tim Flynn, your security deposit can be withheld if you forget to remove your belongings from your old apartment’s storage units, closets, and cabinets. These belongings can be anything from bikes, trash, personal items, and other debris that your landlord would need to remove or pay someone to remove it. These costs will be taken out of your security deposit. Another thing you need to get covered is to clean out the dryer, HVAC vents, light fixtures, fan blades, and window treatments. These are common things tenants miss out on doing during that turnover cleaning.

To be absolutely sure you have all the bases covered, check your lease and see if there are other move-out requirements you missed out on.

living room

6.Distinct Italian architecture. Italian-style homes almost always include wrought iron touches. This is one of the sturdiest materials you can find. Not only are these durable, but this material adds Mediterranean elegance in your apartment. You can integrate this through decor and in detailings like handrails, grills, fixtures, and shelving units.

7.Italian design uses art. Since Italy is famous for its artists and designers, it is but natural to subtly turn your apartment into an art gallery. The types of art you can curate include paintings on canvas, frescoes, murals, mosaics, stained glass, statues, bas reliefs, carved woodworks, supporting posts and columns, and ceramic tiles that adorn the kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

8.Italian-style window treatments are important in Italian design. Italian windows use shutters, awnings, and grills. Windows can also have plant boxes with colorful flowers that contribute to curb appeal. Even window sills can be an excellent place for herb gardens. Using all these elements will turn your apartment into a stylish Italian cafe.

living area

An Italian Home Has a Living Kitchen

The Italian kitchen is perhaps the most important area in an Italian home. This is not only a place to prepare meals but also to socialize with friends and family. And since the Italians love big family reunions and gatherings, the kitchen needs a lot of attention when it comes to design. Functionality is key.

Italian culture involves home-cooked meals, pasta from scratch, culinary delights and coffee, lots of it. Expect to have a stocked pantry, copper pans, cookware, and utensils hang up on racks instead of being kept in cabinets. You will see a kitchen island, a counter space, a butcher block, snack bars, dining areas, and breakfast nooks. As a matter of fact, the kitchen is very much incorporated into the whole interior of the home, which is why the kitchen blends in with the dining and living room. So, take advantage of this and place a small sofa or table in your kitchen and get into the habit of preparing Italian dishes for that Italian feel!

Diatomaceous Earth is actually crushed fossilized single-cell algae. This stuff does not hurt humans but is deadly to insects that have exoskeletons like flies, stink bugs, spiders, beetles, earwigs, and bed bugs. What it does is bugs that come in contact with DE die of dehydration in 48 hours. Neem oil is from the Neem tree. This oil kills 200 species of insects but does not hurt humans or wildlife. You can spray Neem oil on plants to control whiteflies, aphids, and thrips.


Pyrethrin is made from chrysanthemum flower extract. It affects an insect’s nervous system, especially the ones with hard bodies. Pyrethrin is effective on mosquitoes, moths, fleas, and flies. Finally, lavender. The scent of lavender repels fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and moths. You can use dried lavender in closets or use lavender essential oil in your cleaning regiment. Mix 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil in 8 ounces of water and spray it around your apartment.

Testing for Asbestos and The Risk of Asbestos Exposure

To know whether the popcorn ceiling has asbestos, you would need to test it. You can either purchase a test kit or hire an asbestos abatement professional. If you choose to get a test kit, all you need to do is collect a sample of the ceiling and mail it to the lab. Hiring a professional, on the other hand, is a lot safer but of course, it will be more expensive. After the test results arrive and you find out that your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, what should you do next?

According to Asbestos.com, any percentage of asbestos makes popcorn ceiling dangerous. Popcorn ceiling is friable, which means it is very easy to damage. So if your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos materials, any damage will release toxic dust. Inhaling this dust is what leads to serious health illnesses. Because of the prevalence of health concerns related to asbestos, the Clean Air Act of 1978 was passed to ban spray-on asbestos products. This is why if you find out that your popcorn ceiling has asbestos, decide whether you would encapsulate the popcorn ceiling or remove it instead.

Encapsulating asbestos means covering the asbestos material so it does not release asbestos dust. You can cover the ceiling with new ceiling panels or with vinyl paint. Encapsulating asbestos is a safe solution, but if a demolition or renovation project will come in the future, the asbestos will become a danger. With that said, it is highly recommended to remove the popcorn ceiling early on.

Design Concept #4: Shizen


Shizen is the naturalness and being one with nature. Everyone knows that nature promotes health and vitality. It is also the natural touch in home interior design that is very Japanese. Everything you see in a Japanese-inspired space should bring your closer to nature. You begin with earthy tones and neutral colors like beige or stone. Of course, this does not mean that all you see is white. Adding hints of color like red or green is highly recommended. Wood, ceramic, and stone are used for flooring instead of vinyl. You will expect to see porcelain counters. Most of all, add green, leafy plants inside the kitchen to make things become all the more soothing

Design Concept #5: Shoji


Shoji screens are the classic Japanese sliding doors. These save space compared to the hinged doors. Shoji screens allow natural light to enter every room in the house, the kitchen included. They are airy, inexpensive and lightweight because they are made with translucent paper and wood. In the kitchen, you can use this design idea by adding panels or blinds to your windows. You can also use wooden sliding doors with translucent glass panels. Choosing wooden frames with glass inserts as entry doors, pantry doors, and overhead cabinet doors will bring that same Shoji feel. These design ideas allow light in and save space.

HDesign Concept #6: Fukinsei


Zen aesthetics includes Fukinsei which embraces asymmetry, irregularity, and imbalance. Although this may seem contradictory to what we know to be Japanese, this principle celebrates the idea that there is always something beautiful and engaging about asymmetrical balance. It is like pairing symmetry with irregularity. You need to break from the normal and appreciate the imperfections around so you don’t become monotonous. You can apply this concept in the dining room where all the chairs around the table are different in style and color. This asymmetry can also be seen in a kitchen layout. It is that kind of simple element of surprise you need sometimes.

With one hand, hold the leg and then use your other hand to lock the legs in place. You would then need to adjust the leg height. Do this by placing one foot on the leg and then lifting the upper part of the tent so that the legs slide out and automatically lock into place. Do the same thing for the other side of your tent. With one hand, hold the leg and then use your other hand to lock the legs in place. You would then need to adjust the leg height. Do this by placing one foot on the leg and then lifting the upper part of the tent so that the legs slide out and automatically lock into place. Do the same thing for the other side of your tent.

With these easy steps, you won’t have to struggle in putting up your very own canopy tent. But, even if you have got these steps covered, there are some reminders you need to know. Always remember to remove the canopy tent roof when you take the canopy down. Also, do not keep the roof in the canopy because it may cause ripping. This way, you stay atop of everything.

The Best Traditional Tools for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Even with updated and enhanced tools, one cannot do away with the traditional tools in all things home projects. For popcorn removal, there are the conventional tools that you can always trust like the sprayer, scraper, drywall joint compound and putty knife, sander, paint and roller, light, and a fan.

The sprayer you need is the usual garden sprayer that you use with some fabric softener. The scraper you need should be within 6 to 10 inches. A drywall knife is good but you need that Homax popcorn scraper tool to make things easier. The drywall joint compound is also called mud and you use your scraper as a putty knife.


The kind of sander you need is a drywall pole sander. There are those kinds of sanders that have a pivot and a pole so you can sand the ceiling while standing on the floor. The paint and roller are needed once all texture is taken off. You need enough paint for two coats. Finally, the light and fan are helpful for some extra light that points to the ceiling while you work. The fan, on the other hand, can help makes things dry in between your tasks.

A DIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool

Instructables gives some really great advice as to building your own tool for Popcorn Ceiling remover. To build this tool, you will need some duct tape, a drywall taping knife, a ShopVac, a 12-14” x 2 ½” nozzle ShopVac, extension tube or wand, and ShopVac filter.

To build the tool, first, attach the extension wand or tube to the nozzle by pressing these two together. Next, tape a wood scraper to the assembly, so you can adjust the angle of the knife. Next, tape the knife handle to the entire assembly. What you need to be specific about is to have the knife edge approximately at the center of the nozzle that opens in both directions. Next, tape the blade down as close as you can to the nozzle to prevent the knife from trying to twist or move. Be careful not to make the tape too tight to prevent the blade from bowing. This can cause problems later on.

Whatever tools you have on hand, good old determination and patience is needed when faced with a popcorn removal task. And since things get naturally messy and nitty-gritty, you will surely need all the help you can get, too.


Rats, although an odd choice, are actually affectionate in a subtle way. They love hanging out with their owners and they show this by sitting on their laps. They love mazes and solving puzzles. If you are given a choice to have a male or female, choose the males since they are calmer and friendlier. Next, Cockatiels are also a good option because they are easy to hand-tame. They can learn how to speak words and even sing songs. They respond to music and are social eaters – when their owners eat, they eat too. They are great as first pets for children and make a lifelong bond with the family.


Finally, you can choose to have a Bearded Dragon Lizard. These lizards are gentle and easy to handle. They are manageable and do not grow too large. They easily recognize and respond to their owners. You can also see them waving their hands or bobbing their heads when they communicate with other bearded dragons. Believe it or not, these guys love to cuddle with their owners when they reach adulthood.

If dogs or exotic animals are not what you would like to have as pets, you can always go with the affectionate cats, pot-bellied pigs, horses, cockatoos, sugar gliders, skunks, chinchillas, or hamsters. With so many pets to choose from, every pet owner will surely find one that perfectly matches their personality.

1. Drink before every meal. In a study, it is found that those who drank water before each meal lost about five pounds more than those who didn’t. Those who drank water said that their stomach feels full without additional calories so they feel that they want to eat less. So consistently drinking water before eating will help you lose about one pound a week.

2. Drink plain water and only plain water. Skip other drinks.


3. Sip a glass of water when you are hungry. We all know that sometimes people think they are hungry when they are in fact just thirsty. So if you feel hunger pangs or are feeling tired, drink some water first.

4. Know that there is such a thing as drinking too much water. The Institute of Medicine recommends that the right amount of fluid intake (including the water you drink, fluids from other beverages and from the moisture from food) is 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women. So, try not to go overboard. If you do, you might get hyponatremia, which makes your blood diluted that minimizes your electrolyte levels. Although this condition is rare, it is a possibility.


Aside from these four, another tip that is effective to many is drinking lemon water. Lemon water is a drink made from water that is mixed with fresh lemon juice. This helps improve digestion, enhances focus and increases energy level. Because of these benefits, drinking lemon water is part of many weight loss programs. This beverage is very low-calorie, just six calories to be exact if you squeeze the juice from half a lemon into the refreshing water. In addition, drinking lemon water boosts metabolism which leads to weight loss. Although there are notable benefits, it is important to understand that lemon water is not necessarily better than plain water. More specifically, lemon water has no added benefits over regular water, Healthline says.

In addition to the process, remember to remove ceiling fans and fixtures. This includes lights and other electrical fixtures. You may also want to stuff newspaper inside areas where light bulbs are installed to keep them dry during the process. Make sure that the circuit breaker and fuse box is turned off for those fixtures. If there are junction boxes on the ceilings, cover these with tape, too, so you don’t nick the wires.

To do things more systematically, work in small sections and tame the mess by using a mud pan to catch the wet popcorn before they fall on the floor. This way, you minimize your efforts in cleaning up. Prevent gouging by rounding off the corners of your scraper. This lessens ceiling wounds.


When you decide to go Japanese in apartment design, you would need to remember that to eliminate clutter at all times. The furniture you choose should be clean-lined and made of natural wood. Lighting should be modern and angular. Everything in a Japanese home should have its own purpose and its own place. If it is out of order or lacks function, eliminate it. Finally, capitalize on simple colors from nature like brown, grey and green. Be sure to let in a lot of natural light and set aside open spaces in your home. These are key principles in Japanese design. You should not use heavy draperies nor obstruct your windows. For the Japanese, less is more.

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment for Men: Things to Remember

As a bachelor, adhering to artistic minimalism is the way to go if you are living in a studio apartment. Choosing this design style is not only perfect for the limited space, but it is also a great way to put a balance between being striking and cozy at the same time. This also means that clutter should be avoided at all times. Investing in smart storage solutions is highly necessary.

When it comes to furniture, consider purchasing mid-century modern pieces instead of the fussy
ones. You will never go wrong with vintage or vintage-inspired furniture with clean lines. If you like leather in furniture, it is good to know that brown leather looks great, too. Always think of the architectural texture of your home. This means you can definitely use brick, salvaged wood, or stone when furnishing your studio apartment. You can even add natural elements like wood, rocks, stone, water and plants for your countertops, floors, and accessories.

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