The Best Apartment Pets for any Urbanite
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  • May 17th, 2019
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Having a pet in your apartment may be one of the best things to do to relieve stress from your busy lifestyle. Numerous research validates the advantages and benefits of pets when it comes to one’s mental health. Aside from stress, these animals also help with anxiety and depression. Most of all, they provide companionship and helps ease feelings of loneliness. In other words, pets surely bring their owners joy and that sense of unconditional love. So, if you are considering to have a pet and your apartment is pet-friendly, we encourage you to do so. You will surely be able to find the best apartment pets to share your home with.

Best Apartment Pets that are Most Welcome in a Small Living Environment

If you are an animal lover, you understand perfectly well that the downside to living in an apartment is not being able to take care of just any pet. You would need to particular with not having pets that are too large, too noisy, or too active. So, even if the list of apartment pets is limited, here are some of the best ones to have to include in your urban lifestyle.

Pets for any Urbanite

Greyhounds are a great choice since they are fairly low energy dogs. As long as you give these guys their daily walk, the will be more than happy to just snore away the whole day while you are away doing what you do. Greyhounds are also not overly loud even if they are known for their incredible sprinting. The best thing about them is that they are very friendly. They are also on the smaller size when it comes to dog breeds, so you can be sure they won’t take over your space.

Pets for any Urbanite

The Green Anole is, in fact, a very cool choice for an apartment setting. Not only does it give that exotic wow vibe to your space, but they are pretty low maintenance since they are not particularly affectionate. These dudes will definitely not want to be cuddled. Also, unlike many other reptiles, the Anole can regrow their tail. Even if they are not smiley at all, they are definitely fantastic because of their exciting dew flap. It is dazzling with its bright color and surely amps up what being a pet owner is like.

Pets for any Urbanite

The African Grey Parrot for those who have structured lives. These parrots are smart and emotional and they will surely let you know it. Making the African Grey Parrot comfortable with you and its new home can take some time. Once they feel comfortable, you will find them to be an absolute delight. Their vocal characteristics are impressive, able to copy different sounds they hear constantly, including sounds from the outside environment (like doorbells and cars passing by) and other pets at home. They’re good as apartment pets because they are selective about the noises they make.

Pets for any Urbanite

The Dachshund is interesting to have in your apartment simply because of how they look. They have tiny legs but are completely adorable. As an apartment pet, they play a bit and they do not need that much walking as other dogs do. Aside from that, these dogs are very loving and affectionate. They get excited every time you come home. You will surely find them waiting for you at the door. Whether you live by yourself or with your family, you will get all the attention of the faithful Dachshund.

Pets for any Urbanite

Cockatiels are the highest ranked birds to have in apartments. Known as the favorite of bird enthusiasts, these beautiful creatures are social and low maintenance at the same time. They enjoy spending time with their owners and are the most interactive. If ever you pass by their cage, they will call out to you to acknowledge you. Cockatiels also love cuddling up and rubbing their feathers against their owners. As pets, these are a great balance between the antisocial pets like fish and the overly needy ones like certain breeds of dogs.

Pets for any Urbanite

The Basenji is awesome to have in the apartment because they don’t bark. Yes, you got that right. Even if they can vocalize, they don’t constantly bark. This is why the Basenji is also called the “African Barkless Dog.” This dog breed is not known for having health problems, so they live happier lives. The Basenji is the right size for apartment living usually weighing between 20 to 25 pounds. They are energetic and sometimes mischievous if they don’t get their daily exercise.

With this list of the best apartment pets, you can now make a choice as to which pet you want. Having a pet in your apartment amidst the humdrum will also bring benefits as a pet owner such as improved well-being and self-esteem. You will find yourself more conscientious, more extroverted, more physically fit, and a lot less lonely, less preoccupied, and less fearful.

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