How To Choose the Right Furniture For Your Apartment
  • Kim
  • July 17th, 2020
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Owning an apartment means choosing and owning furniture. Your living space will never look and feel like home without tables, couches, chairs, cabinets, and any other piece of furniture you can think of. In deciding and choosing what goes where in designing different rooms in an apartment, some would find it easy, but for some, it can be a frustrating experience. So how do you choose the right furniture for your apartment? Here are a couple

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Plan and Prioritize, Work on a Budget

If you just moved in and it’s your first time living by yourself, buying furniture gets you excited. Too excited, actually, that you end up splurging for pieces you like and love and maybe even for those you don’t particularly want and need. Even if you’ve stayed in your apartment for years and you’re just wanting to change your furniture, it still is the same case. That’s why you need to plan and prioritize even before you leave your door to head out to a furniture shop.

Planning and prioritizing means purchasing the necessities first. Of course, when you say furniture, each piece is important. But for you to be successful in making this work and for you to save a bit on cash, you should make a list of the furniture you need and want, prioritize the necessities, then plan on when to actually make the purchase.

Start with furniture in the bedroom. Everyone needs a place to sleep and when you have what you need in that part of your apartment, you are guaranteed to feel at home immediately. Then you can move on to furniture in the kitchen and then the living room.


Choose a Design Style

Once you’ve planned and prioritized, you can now go choose the kind of design you want for each piece of furniture. Walls in apartments are usually neutral in color and landlords don’t usually allow you to paint your own walls. So to put your personal stamp or identity on to your apartment really relies on your design skills and your choice of furniture.

If design comes naturally for you, you would immediately know the style and color you want for your furniture. But for those who are starting, it becomes challenging and it takes a lot of time.

Whether or not you are new to this, you always have to remember that your furniture should go with the color of your walls, the carpet you have, and ultimately the whole feel of the room in your apartment. Whether it’s going for the bohemian, minimalist, or high-end style apartment, make sure your furniture speaks that specific style.

What you want to do is to take pictures of each room so you can get a good visual of what it actually looks like. You can easily research color combinations, fabric, and finish that works and check for something that is close to what you want when you shop.


Go for Functional Pieces

You’ve planned, you’ve decided on a style, and now it’s time to do some tweaking. Whether or not you live in a tiny or a spacious apartment, it’s always good to have furniture that are also functional pieces. This is for you to maximize space and also to get more of what you pay for.
Instead of getting just a couch, why not go for a sofa bed to maybe accommodate unexpected guests. Instead of getting a regular table for two, get one that can be transformed into a wider table good for 4. These pieces would always remind you that you made a really good purchase.

Also, go for pieces that have low-profile seating, storage carts, ottomans with wheels, or minimalist coffee tables. Aside from functionality, it gives you mobility. This makes it easier for you to move things around when you feel like doing some changes in the next months or years to come.

Never say that you are not capable of choosing and buying your own furniture. Getting someone to do all the work for you also doesn’t make you less of a capable person. But even before you ask professional help, think of these easy tips and challenge yourself. Choose the right furniture for your apartment. You can do it!

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