Choosing the Best Type of Fabric for your Home
  • Kim
  • June 13th, 2018
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Having beautiful curtains at home is a breath of fresh air all the time. Not only do curtains spruce up a room, they also reflect a lot of personality. Of course, Everything is a state of mind, some say. During the summer season, when everything is damp, sweaty and just extremely hot, that calm state of mind goes berserk. (And no one likes someone who literally goes crazy.) So, to keep your cool, it’s important to give some effort to still stay comfortable and composed however how hot the weather becomes. Here are a few tips on how to stay cool in your very own home during the summer.

Cotton Curtains are versatile.

The clean and crisp feel of cotton curtains are preferred for more of the traditional and modern styles in home decorating. They drape well which make them good for formal dining areas. Cotton curtains with a tight weave are also ideal if you want to block sunlight or provide some privacy in any living space. If, however, you want something light and airy, go for sheer cotton.

Polyester Curtains are durable and easy to care for.

Polyester is a common fabric to use as a curtain. They are ideal to use as bedroom or living room curtains because they are affordable, sturdy, and don’t wrinkle as much. However, polyester curtains are not to be used in the kitchen because they are flammable and absorbs odors. They don’t allow good air circulation.

Linen Curtains is ideal for a tailored look.

This billowy fabric is perfect for the dining area, a contemporary living room, or an airy bedroom. They drape nicely and let the sunlight in. Nothing beats natural light in any room. They are dry clean-only and wrinkle easily, so be sure to hang them immediately.

Silk Curtains are more romantic-looking.

Since silk drapes well and is naturally luxurious to look at, having these as curtains in the dining rooms or bathrooms is ideal. Be in the know, however, that when it comes to laundering, silk curtains are dry clean only. It is also important to know that silk is easily damaged by the sun, so consider using window shades if you want to have silk curtains in a room.

Velvet Curtains are good for cold weather.

Because they are heavy, putting these up during the winter, keeps out the cold, especially if you have drafty windows. Velvet also drapes well and look polished making them good to have in dining rooms, master bedrooms or living rooms. Since they are also thick, privacy is guaranteed. They can block sound and light efficiently.

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