Coffee Bar Apartment Ideas for Dorms
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  • August 30th, 2019
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College is the best time for a young person to figure out who they want to be and what they want to do with their life. For some college students, these thoughts percolate over cups of coffee while finishing a research paper or while taking that lunch break in an internship program. It is in instances like these where we know that coffee is essential to college life which is why it is easy to relate to what Maxine Builder said, “Always be caffeinated — even in your dorm room.” This brings us to the How-To and the DIY of coffee bar apartment ideas specifically for student dorms.


Coffee and Dorm Life

To make your dorm room feel as homey as possible, start with adding a lot of throw pillows. While you’re at it, add some fuzzy blankets draped across your bed. For your beddings, choose natural fibers like down and feathers. This makes sleeping comfortable and will keep you warm. Your bedspreads should also be made of natural fibers like cotton. Cotton allows air to circulate properly through your bed. Having these will surely make you want to stay in your bed longer, just like how you would choose to slack off at home.


Coffee, according to Maxine, is the “lifeblood of college students.” If they can make a fresh pot of coffee in their dorm room no matter how late at night and when cafes are closed, they might just make it through the critical moment of finishing a term paper. That being said, if you feel this is you, then you definitely understand why coffee matters in college success.

The Huffington Post, in an interesting article, explains some reasons why every college student must have coffee in their lives forever. The first reason is that coffee keeps you awake. Without coffee, it is difficult to balance “studying and partying.” Second, college may be the only time students can get the privilege of having a Starbucks coffee. Apparently, some universities have Starbucks coffee trucks within campus grounds. Third, coffee shops are where all the studying and socializing is done — pretty self-explanatory. Fourth, since students know that there are antioxidants in coffee which keeps you healthy, many simply forget to go to the gym and feel coffee is enough.

Fifth, coffee makes procrastinating fun because, as HuffPost says, when your coffee is cold, it is the best time to get creative. Sixth, when you are tired and you drink coffee, all senses are heightened, which includes logical reasoning and attention. Seventh, you can find inspiration inside a coffee cup. Eight, those who are exposed to coffee aromas experience brain changes related to sleep deprivation. And of course, the routine of a college student is pretty much wake up, put on clothes, get or make coffee.

Coffee Bar Apartment Ideas: How to Set A Coffee Station in a Dorm

Having a coffee station in your dorm means that you will always be able to make a reliable cup of coffee anytime you need it most. Since you have the upper hand in your coffee choices, you can have gourmet coffee for less. This brings us to the essentials to a dorm room coffee bar set-up.


#1 Have an Electric Kettle. This is the easiest way to boil water in a dorm. If you take coffee seriously, choose a kettle that has a long and thin gooseneck rather than the usual. This makes it easy for you to control the rate at which you pour your water into the coffee maker.

#2 Be sure to have either a pour-over coffee brewer or a french press. The latter is a good choice if you don’t like buying paper filters while the latter is good if you tend to be clumsy. The french press won’t just break into pieces if it accidentally drops.

#3 Have an airtight container for coffee, sugar, and others. To make sure your grounds stay fresh, you need airtight containers. You can also have one for tea and another for sugar. Also, it is appropriate to have a coffee scoop for accurate measurement whether you are using a press or a pour-over. Generally, you only need two tablespoons of coffee grounds for an eight-ounce cup of coffee.

#4 Organize your coffee station with a mug tree. This not only looks nice, but this also ensures that your cups or mugs don’t get molds after rinsing. That being said, no coffee station is complete without coffee mugs and teaspoons. The mugs you choose will naturally reflect your tastes and preferences. So, you know, go crazy!


These dorm room coffee shop ideas will give you a head start when you need to pull off an all-nighter. Don’t forget that ambiance is key. Your dorm should feel cozier and more inviting with a laidback vibe. Just like in coffee shops, you can also throw in some pillows and blankets in your workspace. Play your favorite music and have good lighting.

Channel your inner barista, too. Remember that your dorm room is not just for academic tasks. It is also a place to meet up with friends. What better way is there to show off your barista skills than making a great cup of coffee for your friends, right? But, to be inclusive, just in case some of your friends do not drink coffee, you can always fix them a cup of tea. And of course, like a cherry on top, have some freshly baked pastries to go along with your coffee. Apple pie and espresso biscotti are perfect choices. This way, you will always stay motivated to finish any task.

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