What Coffee Lovers Must Have in an Apartment
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  • September 4th, 2020
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Coffee is something one cannot live without. At least that’s what coffee lovers would say. You reading this would just mean you are one yourself and you would want to make sure you have these must-haves in your apartment. If not, you might just be starting your journey into being the coffee addict you know you are.

Whether it’s to brew, to grind, roast, or just to amp up your coffee game, here are just some of what you should have in your kitchen to make sure you get the best damn coffee you can at home while still working on a reasonable budget.

coffee maker

Must-Haves any Coffee Lovers should have in an apartment

French Press

If you like your coffee brewed, get yourself a French Press of high quality. Choose one that is made of stainless steel and double-walled. That way, it will keep coffee insulated for a longer period of time. A French Press can also work as a tea brewer so if on any day you choose to want tea, it could also do the job just as well. But, let’s get back to

Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Make coffee like a scientist with a Chemex glass coffee maker. If you take your coffee via the pour-over method, this is exactly what you need to have to get that coffee fix of yours just the way you want it. Having a set of filters would cost you around $10-$15 and clean up won’t be a hassle at all.

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Pair this Chemex Glass coffee maker with a gooseneck kettle. The Pour-over method requires a certain precise control over how and where the concentrated pour is. Use the gooseneck kettle to pour the water in a circular manner over the grounds. That’s what makes this method a much rewarding one.

Moka Pot

Another item you should have is a Moka Pot. This is very much the one you should have if you are a fan of espresso. Instead of getting the much more expensive espresso machine, this could just be the coffee maker that could save you an amount of cash.

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This magic of a pot has been used by Italians since the 1930s. It’s heat resistant enough for you to put it over a gas stove to get that perfect cup of espresso every morning.


Some take their coffee black and some take it with a bit of froth. Get yourself a stainless steel frother so you get that whipped layer you get from those expensive coffee shops out there. All you have to do is microwave or boil milk from it, take a spoon, and put it at the top of any espresso-based drink.

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Airtight Coffee bags or Jars

None of these would be useful if coffee grounds or brands aren’t of quality. Make sure you have some airtight coffee bags or jars to store fresh coffee beans or coffee grounds. Roasted beans go through oxidation that removes the oil, aroma, and acid of coffee that gives it its flavor.

That’s why you need these bags and jars to keep coffee beans from going stale. That way each and every cup you make is sure to be fresh.

These are just a few items on a long list of must-haves if you really want to take your coffee game to the next level. But for now, take these items and enjoy your coffee fix right from the comfort of your own home.

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