College Dorm Apartment Move Out Cleaning Tips
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  • September 12th, 2019
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Goodbye Boring Dorm, Hello Awesome Apartment! College dorm life is significant because it marks your first venture to independence. That experience is like no other and will forever be a good conversation starter. But, of course, no one would want to stay in a college dorm on a long term basis, right? If there is one big transition that every college student absolutely looks forward to, it is the transition from that tiny dorm room to that college apartment you can call your own!

This move is going to be something else because it almost feels like adulting. Although this can be quite exciting, moving out takes a lot of work. So, to make things super easy, here are college apartment move out cleaning tips you know you need.


College Dorm Apartment Move Out Cleaning Tips to Make the Process Bearable

No matter how small your dorm may be, moving out is going to be stressful. You would need to anticipate that you may lose your temper at certain times or just get so disorganized you may even want to just throw everything away, which will be such a waste, by the way). Here are some great tips for moving out so you can stay on top of everything without emotional mishmash and unnecessary mood changes.

To start, experts recommend that you start packing up a few days before you actually move out. Alternate between your study time and packing up the things that are really considered non-essentials. Around this time, aside from packing early, start to consume any and all the food you have stored in your fridge or pantry. This way, you don’t have to worry about food spoiling or having to deal with how to pack and store it. You would definitely want to unplug that dorm mini-fridge in advance so things thaw out that will then allow you to clean it up in time.


Next, work on taking down the decorations that have cluttered your walls. Even if it may be quite difficult to remove memorabilia of your freshman year, taking off the clutter actually help you get that therapeutic letting-go process. While you are doing this, you can already decide which ones to get rid off and which ones you can reuse. Simply put the latter in a box and you are good to go.

Do an inventory of the things you already have. If you see items that have been sitting there for who knows how long, then donate it or give them away to those you know that may need them. These items can be beddings, clothing, athletic equipment, carpets, computers, fans, light fixtures, printers, appliances, electronics, food, and cleaning supplies. If you don’t want to give them away, consider sending stuff home while you are at school. You can arrange to have your parents pick these items up before move-out day or have it shipped through a moving service.


The next thing to do is to clean out your desk. Empty every compartment and drawer. Put everything from your desk that you know you will still need in that box you would like to bring with you to your new apartment. Also, go through old schoolwork and decide about what to do with your textbooks. Only keep textbooks if you know you will need to read them again. If not, it is a good idea to sell them to other students. For your rented textbooks, be sure to give them back early.

Now that your desk is cleared out, you can use this as a space to sort and fold your clothes. Do this two or three days before you move out. Make sure that you pick out outfits for the rest of the week before you keep everything in suitcases. Pack hangers in a separate container so you save more space. Once you are done packing up your clothes, you can now pack your bedding. And of course, a day before you leave, do a final sweep. Do one last drawer check. If everything looks good to you, give attention to how you have packed your boxes. Make sure you use sturdy boxes and don’t forget to seal them with tape.


The last thing to do is to clean up. Dust furnishings, scrub down your bathroom, mop and sweep the tile flooring, vacuum carpets, and empty your trash. Check your dorm room for any damage. Doing these spares you from that cleaning fee and you avoid getting blamed for leaving the dorm room unkempt.

Pulling off that stress-free move-out is going to be an accomplishment. No matter how psyched you are, at some point, as you are packing up, you may need to give yourself time to say goodbye. After all, that dorm was your home for a significant amount of time. So, before leaving, give yourself time to reflect on the memories and be thankful.

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