Create a Home Library that Brings out your Personality
  • Kim
  • September 14th, 2018
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“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks,” says Dr. Seuss. If you’ve grown up being a page-turner, you’ll find yourself agreeing with the Cat-in-the-Hat writer. Since reading and the types of books has a certain influence on how we think, the bookshelf we have at home will surely speak a lot about who we are. So, if there is one corner or room in your home to take pride in, it has to be your home library.

Although some may feel that home libraries are a luxury and is only for the rich and famous, well, think again. Now, as to how to spruce it up and give your books the home it deserves? Here are a few things to know. First things first. According to The Spruce, you can build your home library on a budget. All you need is an empty room or an idle corner, some flea market finds, and the books you’ve curated over the years.

Things you need to Create your Home Library

Your Books (Of course!)

It really doesn’t matter if they’re second-hand or brand new. What matters is they speak of you. If you’re a true-blue book collector, you’ll know for sure that flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, antique malls, and even your friends’ home libraries are great sources of books. Occasionally, you can indulge yourself in buying leather-bound or first-edition books. Just be sure that you buy books that you can use for research or want to read and re-read. Naturally, the books you choose to have will reflect our tastes and preferences that reflect how you think and perceive. It’s just pointless to buy books that you know you’ll never open.

Book Storage

There are a number of options to store your books. One is to have your walls lined with built-in bookcases. These can even be installed over room doors; however, these may be expensive. An inexpensive option is to look for sturdy wooden bookcases from second-hand shops and have them repainting or staining them.

Yet another option is to have alternative bookcases. These include turning them into an End Table by stacking hardcover books, creating a unique table. You can also use display cabinets as bookshelves or even go as far as turning your staircase into a practical home for your books. A collection of crates secured to a wall is also a good idea, or a vintage china cabinet with glass doors for your special edition books.

A Reading or Work Space

Yes, ideally, you should have a reading space or workspace in near or in your home library. You can have a writing table which instantly becomes the place where you do all the admin work at home – paying bills, writing letters, working on your computer, and such. You can have a wooden desk with drawers, a vintage desk, or a simple table desk. As long as these are sturdy enough, it’ll do the job.

If you have a desk, you’ll need comfortable seating so you don’t end up with an aching back from reading. You can have a cushy chair and a soft ottoman for your feet. A loveseat or a sofa can also be nice to have. Whatever chair you choose, just make sure they are comfortable.

Good Lighting

Having good lighting in your home library is crucial. Aside from the overhead light, it’s good to have a floor or table lamp beside your seat or table. The lamp height should be just right, allowing the light to illuminate the book pages well. You can definitely add mood lighting for a pleasing ambiance. Downlights can also be quite charming on the tops of bookcases.

To add up to your home library’s personality, you can accessorize. Put some decorative objects on your shelves. Add a vintage rug or hang some great pieces of artwork. Let each piece make you want to read more and feel a bit prouder of yourself.

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