How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook For Your Apartment
  • Kim
  • January 9th, 2020
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Reading nooks are a great addition to any home for a lot of reasons. For book lovers, this would be one of the best places in the world because here, they can bask in all the cozy goodness there is with their favorite books. And for the others, a reading nook would be a great place to relax, unwind, and find time for self-care after a very hectic day out. Here, you can meditate, have a cup of coffee, or even just curl up for a well-deserved nap. The trick to creating the perfect reading nook is to bring in elements that make you feel soothed, relaxed, and cozy. The idea is to make it as inviting as possible. So, if you’re piecing together yours, here are some ideas to help you create your perfect reading nook.

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Perch Where There is Plenty of Natural Light

Window side spots are some of the best spots for reading nooks because of all the natural light they offer. If the weather permits it, you can also set up a little cozy reading nook on your balcony. But, also make sure to set up a handy table lamp or floor lamp at the ready when the sun starts going down to avoid straining your eyes. You can also add in other lightings such as fairy lights or candles to not only make your little nook brighter but also to set the mood.

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Transform a Corner To a Cozy Reading Nook

You can also set up your reading nook in any corner of your apartment. You can have it in the corner of your bedroom or in one of those awkward living room corners that you just can’t quite decide what to do with. You don’t even need a sofa or a chair. Sometimes, it can just be a collection of pillows and blankets that are comfortable enough.

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Cozy Up

Reading nooks are places or relaxation. And there’s nothing better to relax in than soft pillows and warm blankets. So, dress up your little spot with soft and warm materials that you can truly sink in. You can also have a pair of reading socks and mittens on standby to keep you warm and toasty in the colder months.

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Prepare a Snack and Drink Bar

Snacks are the perfect company for a great book. So, why not set yourself up a little bowl or basket of healthy snacks that you can simply grab and take with you to your reading nook to enjoy with your book? You can also set yourself up a drink bar for your coffee, wine, or juice needs. Be mindful of the snacks you choose though. Make sure that they won’t easily spill or create stains on your blankets, pillows, or book.

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Set Up a Little Side Table

A little side table or a small ottoman would be the perfect accompaniment to your reading nook. It would give you a place to pile those snacks and keep your hot drinks steady on as you turn the pages. And it gives you a place to keep any other things you’d need such as bookmarks, pens, and even tissue for any tear jerking moments you might come across in your readings.

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