How To Create A Zen Apartment Living Room
  • Kim
  • November 22nd, 2019
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With today’s erratic, noisy, and stressful flurry of activity, everybody needs a place to relax, feel calm, and be able to find a moment of peace. That’s why Zen interior design has become more popular throughout the years. In design, this Japanese style is usually used to describe a space that reflects balance, harmony, calm, simplicity, and serenity. And more often than not, it’s associated with minimalism and simplicity. However, there are also other ways of incorporating Zen style in your overall living room design without going full minimalist. The important thing is to create a calming space that negates the stress and hassle of your daily life. So, if you fancy this relaxing retreat, here are some tips to make your Zen living room.

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Decorate With Relaxing Colors

The easiest way of getting a Zen living room is to decorate with earthy or natural colors. These include soft tones such as white, grey, and shades of beige that promote relaxation and calmness. Some people who are leaning towards more contemporary designs also decorate with blacks and whites. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from bold colors altogether.

Zen style does lean towards more natural colors. But, you could still decorate your Zen living room with small accessories with accent colors. Just remember not to overdo it so you could still maintain the balance of the room and pull it all together in one neat finish.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Zen Japanese home aesthetics often include natural elements such as tatami mat floors, open gardens, and rock gardens. One simple way you could incorporate natural elements such as those into your own design is to add plants into your Zen living room. You could even make yourself your very own indoor Zen garden. The plants’ green color promotes calmness and they also help purify the air and reduce


Opt for Soft and Natural Light

If you have a balcony or big windows, take advantage of the natural light spilling in. And position your living room in a way that it gets the maximum amount of natural light to create a truly relaxing spot. Try to avoid harsh lighting as well and opt for softer lighting split between different lighting possibilities such as table lamps and floor lamps. This kind of light mimics the setting sun at the end of the day and creates a more cozy and harmonious atmosphere that helps you wind down at the end of the day.


Decorate With Calming Art

Artworks can help you bring color into your Zen living room. And it can also contribute greatly to the atmosphere of the space. So, for a calming and relaxing spot, choose artwork with a flow or choose artwork inspired by Zen itself. Look for something that is relaxing to look at and that goes with your style to help quiet a messy mind at the end of the day.

Combine Zen With Other Styles

One of the most pleasant things about Zen style is that you can get it’s calming and serene vibe even without going full minimalist. Zen elements can work as well with other design styles and can serve to complement styles like rustic, boho, and chic. For instance, you can simply incorporate earth tones or bring in natural elements such as plants to give a little more Zen to your chosen style. All you have to remember are the basics of Zen and its goal and you’re set to go.

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