Creating an Industrial Look For Your Living Space
  • Kim
  • April 8th, 2020
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If you just moved into your apartment or let’s say you’ve stayed in it for a number of years and would just like to renovate and do something new and exciting, then styling it is definitely something you have on your mind. You can go to a country, modern, or contemporary style. But let’s face it, it’s overrated. The industrial style, on the other hand, could give you that unique style you’ve been looking for. They say the industrial look is for people who are unique and willing to take risks. Why not take the risk and do something you’ve never done before?


Popularly known as decorating lofts and old buildings and turning into living spaces, the industrial style could be a challenge. If your apartment is not exactly an old building, you’d think it’s impossible to achieve. But if you don’t have that old space to work with, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the look. With these tips, we think that by the end of just a few weeks, you will be able to transform and design your space into an industrial style apartment in no time. those elements visible in your patio as well. Think of pillows, rugs, smaller accents like decor pieces, wind chimes, and other things you’d like to have. Your patio, your design.


Open space, Bold stand-out pieces

Space is a word you have to get acquainted with when you are going for the industrial look. The key here is getting rid of too many objects or elements and going with bold stand-out pieces. An open floor plan is a way to go.

An open floor plan means you have the upper hand in moving things around and removing walls that create the idea of division and smaller spaces. Remember, open space, not a big space. If you live in a small apartment, having an open floor plan would actually make your space look wider.

Bold stand-out pieces. Take for example your living room. Instead of having too many stools, accent chairs, or benches, just have one big sofa that becomes the focal point of that living room.


No to carpets, yes to hard floors

The first thing you should have is Hard Floors. Carpets are comfy, yes. But you are going for industrial design. Note that your space isn’t exactly an old structure once before. So having that raw architecture isn’t an advantage you have. Working on the biggest space of your apartment would compensate for that.

Hard floors create a clean look that is reminiscent of industrial spaces. If you can’t live without carpets, you can still put in a rug or two. Just remember to keep those patterns at a minimum and choose from a cool color palette.


Metal elements, vintage items

Now, the fun part. Putting decor into your design. When going for the industrial look, you need elements that will remind you of the theme. The biggest player in this look is metal. It highlights the rawness of a space. You can go for iron staircases, single-pane windows with metal frames, or maybe industrial shelving.

If not, you can go with some accent pieces like a metal coffee table, lamps, or a metal coat hanger. It’s basically up to you. For as long as you have this element around, you would definitely achieve the look.

Next, put in a few vintage items. Since we don’t have that old space which is the main thing in creating an industrial design, we need to have a few old items that would compensate for that. Vintage items would do the job. If you have items you haven’t used in a long time, you could do upcycling and turn them into something cool. If you have a local vintage store, go ahead and pick out a few items that would go with the new look of your apartment.

Now that you have a few tips on how to somehow get that industrial look for your apartment, it’s now up to you as to how far you would go with it. You can go with a contemporary factory look or a full-on industrial design that would totally revamp your space. All it takes is for you to have the right elements and the space to work with. Remember it’s not space, it’s what you do with space. Go get that industrial look for your apartment.

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