How to Decorate Your Kitchen
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  • May 10th, 2019
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When it comes to the kitchen, there is a constant battle between style and function. Function usually wins, that’s for sure. But there will be those times when you want your kitchen to look like a set from your favorite cooking show. Wouldn’t that be great? If you’re nodding to that, then you should start thinking of ideas on how to decorate your kitchen. Just be sure to understand that styling your kitchen is a bit of an art. Here are some ideas to begin with.

The pros recommend showing off your cheese boards and charcuterie. Beautiful wood and marble varieties are a thing nowadays and they will look absolutely alluring on your kitchen counter. So, instead of keeping them in shelves or cabinets, make it a standout stylish kitchen decoration. Put them on display and layer them to add some architectural interest. You can also hang them for some added personality. Also, if you have that wooden spoon collection, why not flaunt it? This trick is super-simple to pull off. Just toss them in a modern utensil holder on your countertop and that’s it. You made everything pretty with some height and natural color — all in less than five minutes!

Decorate Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas

Another great idea is to put in more houseplants into your kitchen. If you let those leaves trail, you’re surely going to pull off that Mediterranean look to your kitchen. These plants look great on open kitchen shelves. You can also put them on the highest shelf. To start, get yourselves a few of those dainty Philodendrons. They are easy to grow and are ever-popular as a houseplant. Other great plant options include English ivy, Aloe Vera, Cast Iron Plant, White Jasmine, Aluminum Plant, Spider Plant, Chinese Evergreens, African Spear, and of course, the ever useful herb plants like Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Sage, and others.

For some industrial sophistication, add a coffee bar in your kitchen. You can assign a small portion of your countertop for this. Make that corner complete with a pour-over, a siphon coffee maker, the classic espresso machine, or a coffee grinder. Stock up on the coffee bar essentials like creamers, syrups, different types of coffee beans, and some pastries. Freshly baked cookies or bars in a jar, some cinnamon rolls and biscotti are charming to see on display there. Include some trays, bowls, canisters, and some plates there too. Personalize that coffee station with some monogrammed napkins or a cute framed quote.

Decorate Kitchen

Kitchen Color Schemes and Accessories

If you’re looking into freshening up your kitchen’s color scheme, try mixing matte black with earth tones. Earthy materials like terra cotta go very well with the melancholic matte blacks. Whether it’s repainting your kitchen or just rearranging your kitchen appliances, this color combination elevates your kitchen’s overall ambiance. It is both rustic and classy at the same time. Simple and creative combinations to bring this color scheme to life would be placing plants on terra cotta pots beside a black KitchenAid mixer. You can also display your serving dishes and a few baskets with black vases or other ceramic dishes in one shelf.

Decorate Kitchen

In addition to those, one other way to stylize your kitchen is to have well-chosen kitchen accessories that create a strong focal point. You can have some artwork, shutters, decorative tiles, or oversized pendant lights. Peg rail nails are also brilliant to have for a modern look. Position a sleek stainless peg rail above the white subway tiles, for example, to break that monotonous backdrop. Doing so also gives you storage space for cookware, chopping boards, or herbs to dry. Also, with designs becoming even more elegant, you might want to invest in a statement island. You don’t really have to purchase a brand new one. You can use old furniture or home fixtures and have them upscaled. This is good to have not just as a stylish element, but also more for practical reasons like a place to prepare food and to store your most favorite kitchen pieces inside.

Decorate Kitchen

Finally, for some added luxe style, you can also choose to use chic cleaning products because they look oh-so-pretty! Having these soap dispensers and dainty bottle spritzers are like eye candy to anyone who enters your kitchen. Again, in all things home decorating, it is important to pay attention to detail. Being detailed is the secret to have that put-together look at any space in your home.

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