How To Decorate a Room With No Windows
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  • August 14th, 2020
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Decorating windowless rooms and making it work is a challenge. With the lack of natural light bringing in life to a room, you will need a certain level of creativity. Spaces enclosed in walls without windows in homes or apartments are usually the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or rooms in the basement. Whether you had a choice in the matter or not, you may, at one point, want a bit of a new touch to the space. Here we give you some tips on how to decorate a room with no windows and actually make it work.

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Paint your walls white

The first thing you can do to amp up the vibe in that room is to paint the walls white. This color will make up for the lack of natural light since it adds instant airiness and gives the illusion of more space.

Choose a light pallet to go with the white walls when it comes to putting in furniture, rugs, or any other decor you may have like shades of light grey or cream. That way, the windowless room that used to be dark will now look like a breezy white space.

Create the look of a window

If there are no windows, you might as well try to recreate one. There are two creative ways of doing this. You could hang ceiling to floor drapes just like how you would do if there were windows, or you could hang a mirror on the wall.

For windowless rooms in the basement, for example, you can hang a mirror behind the headboard. If in the kitchen, consider putting a window-sized mirror across the sink. If it’s in the bedroom, you could hang a large mirror opposite the sofa or the bed.

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Go for big wall decor

You have the white wall, the look of a window, and now you need decor. To make this work, choose wall decor that is big like a large poster or wall decoration, or bold graphic artworks. This enlarges the feeling of tiny, gloomy rooms, and it adds more excitement to the space making it look alive even without natural light.

Use the right lighting

Since you are dealing with enclosed spaces without natural light coming in, layered lighting is essential. You can have overhead fixtures like chandeliers, accent lights using lamps in strategic areas in the room, or task lighting where you put some clear, light, or sheer shades on top of tables, furniture, or even the floor. You can also use some light to highlight some of the wall decors you have. Another is to have under cabinet lighting to lighten some edges. The point is to have a play of lights in the room to brighten up dark corners and ultimately make it look wider.

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Exposed ceilings

Another way for you to make a big difference is to have ceiling exposures. This is when you take advantage of that window you have on one floor by making a see-through ceiling that would allow the light to cascade on to the floor above or below. Now, this is quite a step since it can only be done if you are making some renovations. But if you have the means and you are brave enough to try it, with the help of your architect, of course, then go for it.

Now that you know a few creative ways on how to design a room with no windows, making it work will not be a big challenge for you anymore. The next time you move into a new apartment, don’t let that dark enclosed space scare you. Instead, let your creativity take over.

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