How to Decorate Your Space with Apartment Wallpaper
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  • June 7th, 2019
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When you paint a room, you would usually paint all four walls the same color. But, with apartment wallpaper, you can easily change the sense of the dimension of a room while also changing the mood of the space easily. Because of the wallpaper’s varied patterns and colors, it can be pretty fun binging some lightness into your interior. Here are some cool ways to use wallpaper for your home.

Design Ideas with Apartment Wallpaper

The first thing you can do with wallpaper is to use it to set the theme for any living space. If, for example, your child absolutely loves the ocean, then you can pick out the best ocean-themed wallpaper so your child can experience his very own ocean adventure 24/7. Using a specific design will make it easy to bring out that theme people in your home will love. They will surely never want to leave their room!

Second, if you are looking into ways to elongate a room, then use striped wallpaper. The best way to do this is to use wallpaper along a single wall and extend the design across the floor. This instantly elongates the space. You can use black and white stripes or colored stripes, depending on your preferences. Using strips will also spice up your home with some glamour.

Third, use wallpaper to bring some texture into your space. Textured wallpaper, otherwise known as grasscloth, is the best way to give your home that elevated the look. The naturally woven texture adds a certain element of surprise in a place and also combines the uniqueness of modern and classic tastes. If you have a room with a design that is pure white, then use textured wallpaper to make things look a bit more interesting.

Finally, use wallpaper on your ceiling. Although this isn’t what people usually go for, choosing a room to put wallpaper on the ceilings will give the space a unique sense of style. Start simple and use an underused design option when you are decorating with wallpaper. Be very particular that everything in that room will complement the design you chose for the ceiling.

How to Use Apartment Wallpaper for Tiny Spaces

If an apartment has a number of tiny spaces in your apartment, the first thing people usually think of color it white. They do this to make space feel airier and feel a lot bigger. But, you know, this rule is not for everyone. If you feel inspired and crafty, using wallpaper on tiny spaces will surely make every nook feel memorable.

Give your hallway lots of personality. Choose an abstract, bold print for your narrow hallway. Once you have gone this route, you will find it easy to put up any art or decor into your hallway because the wallpaper will make these additions pop up instantly. You can also add a panel wallpaper in your small entryway. This makes your space stand out even more.

Turn your small powder room into a creative, bold space. The best kind of print for this shoebox space is anything with large print. This will be a perfect backdrop for the powder room’s lighting feature. Also, if your home has a staircase in your entryway, give it an unexpected design by putting wallpaper the wall that directly connects to the stairs. This will surely be a delightful surprise.

Other Creative Uses for Apartment Wallpaper

Aside from using wallpaper for the walls in your home, you can also use this material for other things like your dresser, kitchen cabinets, drawers, serving trays, and even in creating your very own wall art.

If you have an old linen press dresser, refresh its look by using wallpaper to accent the already-stunning piece of furniture. Paint the dresser first before applying your wallpaper to complete its new look. You can either keep it at home or sell it and earn a bit.

For kitchen cabinets, you can easily spruce up how they look by simply lining your kitchen cabinets with some wallpaper. You can also take this design idea in making your drawers look more organized. Using wallpaper on any drawer you have at home is a pretty cover-up for stubborn stains.

Colorful serving trays are good to have at home when entertaining guests. They are also great to give as gifts. So, buy some plain trays and then get crafty by giving each tray a unique look through some wallpaper. Further, you can also create your own wall art panels or give your lampshade that hidden design by putting wallpaper on the inside part of the lampshade.

With apartment wallpaper, you can do so much. We all need some art therapy every now and then and working with this material does just the thing.

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