Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Christmas Home
  • Kim
  • November 20th, 2018
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It is undeniable that the magic of Christmas is highlighted with the twinkling lights, lush garlands, tree baubles, trimmings, ribbons, and that special topper on the glorious Christmas tree. Although there are the classic Christmas decorations and yearly family heirlooms, you can actually spruce up your home, even more, to make it ready for the coming Holidays.

To have a stylish Christmas, remember not to overdo. Think instead that decorations should enhance and not sabotage your home. With careful planning, your home will look perfectly enchanting! Here are some stunning Christmas design ideas from Martha Stewart to inspire you and get you all the more excited for the coming season.

Keep it Real. Martha says, “The smell of a real Christmas tree is one of the season’s most loved memories.” Nothing says Christmas more than the smell of an evergreen tree in the living room filled with trimmings and ornaments. Add in a beautiful wreath with a candle display and just like that, you’ve got that traditional Victorian appeal.

Choose tall and elegant silhouettes. Opting for elegant forms makes good use of any room’s vertical space. It also adds sophistication. An example of this would be ornaments that are drop-shaped. A slim tree, for example, can be made to stand in a narrow hallway or bay window. This can be decorated with some pine cones, owls, and even mushrooms.

Go crazy with color! For a festive vibe in the cold and dark winter, why not go for colors like tangerine, magenta, and emerald green? Use garlands that have elaborate bows and poinsettias to make your space look more enchanting. Don’t hesitate to embellish even more with glittered tendrils and golden tassels!

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