Easy Room Makeover Ideas For Your Bedroom
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  • July 26th, 2019
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Of all the rooms in your apartment, your bedroom is that which is most sacred. It is THE room that you spend the most important hours of your day in for that much-needed rest and relaxation. This is why it is essential that your bedroom be a place of refuge and should never leave you feeling “blah.” If, however, your bedroom already feels old and boring, then what you need are easy room makeover ideas to spruce things up.

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Easy Room Makeover Ideas For Some Zen

How you design your bedroom space affects how well you sleep. These design elements include the paint colors you use, the curtains, and everything you put up on your walls. So to help you pull off the zen vibe in your bedroom, here are a few expert tips from Deanna Radaj, an interior designer from North Carolina specializing in bedroom design.

Incorporate the philosophy called, “Eco-Shui.” This design philosophy combines Western ideals like that of sustainable design along with Feng Sui, an Eastern influence. A combination of both, Deanna says, creates a healthy and balanced living environment. When it comes to your bedroom’s palette, Radaj recommends using cool colors for places used for rest like gray, blue, and brown.

modern bedroom

Another piece of advice is to choose Non-VOC paint. Radaj says that you breathe in chemicals while you sleep until 18 months when you use conventional paints. Because of this, paint manufacturers offer healthier options. So, prefer Low or No-VOC paint. Also, switch to essential oils as air fresheners. Synthetic air fresheners target allergies and sensitivities so it is better to put a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser for that calming effect.

When it comes to your bed, do not position your bed in a corner that is adjacent to your doorway. This is a huge no-no in Feng Shui. Radaj recommends the “power position” instead. This means positioning your bed in a corner that is diagonal from the door or as far away as possible from the door. Tuck away mirrors too as they are not great to have in a room where you need to sleep. Why? Because mirrors are known to be activators, so it really isn’t good for inducing sleep.

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Easy Room Makeover Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Remodeling your bedroom ought to be exciting, especially if you are thinking of making your room look and feel expensive without spending so much. Here are a few of those doable makeover tips.

When it comes to your nightstand, be creative. Instead of buying a new one, look for something in your home that could serve the same function. It could be a nice chair, a pile of suitcases, or even books. This sense of innovation adds up to your room’s charm.

bedroom chair

Try repeating certain shapes in your bedroom. Whether its circular or rectangular shapes and patterns, be strategic with what you can use as accents. You can have some dome lamps and some circular artwork for some retro appeal, for example. Of course, aside from patterns and shapes, you can also repeat colors for some coherence.

One other neat trick is to paint your ceiling. It is more common to paint the walls, but have you ever thought of leaving them bare and have the ceiling painted instead? It can make a big difference because a painted ceiling draws the eye up, making the ceiling feel higher than it really is. A painted ceiling highlights some classy architectural detailing. Pair that with a floor rug that is as big as the area of your painted ceiling. This strikes some balance.

bedroom chair

Switch up the layout of your bedroom. Sometimes, the best thing to do with a boring room is to just move things here and there. While doing this, declutter your space. You will be surprised to know that it may be the only thing you needed to do to make your bedroom feel brand new.

Update your bedroom furniture by replacing fixtures and details with new hardware. What you need to do is simply take your screwdriver and take out the old drawer pulls or doorknobs and replace them with newer designs or versions. There are so many versions to choose from depending on the look you are going for. You can have rustic metal, hand-painted ceramic, polished wood, or sleek chrome.

Finally, try putting a pretty potted plant (or two) in your bedroom and let nature do what it does best—make everything look and feel alive. This not only looks nice, but it also helps purify the air. It is these little extras that make your space your own. So don’t hesitate to add touches of whimsy with your decorations, pillows, blankets, or anything at all.

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