Easy Ways To Add More Space To Small Kitchens
  • Kim
  • January 23rd, 2020
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Small kitchens can often feel a little cramped with all the stuff and utensils that you need to keep in there. And even if you’d decluttered and organized everything, they can still fall short on counter and storage spaces. Because of this, every free inch of your kitchen is a holy grail. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle with this for long. Even without a grand amount of space, you can still maximize all corners of your kitchen. Here are some simple things that can help you add more space to your small kitchen.


Rolling Carts

If you think rolling carts are only for commercial establishments, think again. These things can immediately give you an extra kitchen island to work on. Plus, they also come with shelving storage where you can store practically anything. The best part is they’re not only useful in the kitchen. You can also roll them around to other parts of the house as needed.


Open Shelves

Open shelves are great alternatives to cabinets which can often be clunky and take up too much space in small kitchens. They do the storage job just as effectively plus they also provide a great display space for any kitchen decor. You can also install them almost anywhere like the forgotten corners or spaces above the door of your kitchen.

kitchen utensils

Hooks and Hangers

Another way to store your pots, pans, and other utensils aside from piling them on top of each other in the cabinet is to hang them up on hooks, rods, and hangers. You can either set this up on a free wall area, your backsplash or even on the inside of your cabinet. This way, your stuff remains organized and you can easily grab them whenever you need them.



Shelf-stackers are great solutions for immediately reducing the clutter on your counters. It allows you to put your most needed things on display while keeping them organized and saving a ton of counter space.

Double Duty Stovetop

If you’re really pressed for prep space, you can turn to your stovetop. With a great and durable burner cover, you can give yourself an extra surface to work on. If you want to create your very own double-duty burner cover, here is a step by step process from the kitchn to help you.

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Overhead Space

If you’ve got a little more space in the areas above your cabinets and doorways, don’t miss the chance to turn them into additional storage spaces. Here, you can store your extras and things that you’ll only need a couple of times a month or year.


Baskets are some of the best storage pieces for a variety of items in your kitchen from spice bottles to fresh produce. They also keep your things together and organized while keeping them off your counters. Baskets can also be easily put away on your rolling carts or shelves.

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Folding Tables

In a small kitchen, having a standard table would make the room feel a lot more cramped. As an alternative, you can invest in a great folding table where you can food prep and eat your meals without taking up much floor space. You can also take it to other parts of the house and use it as a work area. The best part is, you can easily expand or tuck it away in seconds.

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