Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment Bathroom
  • Kim
  • September 27th, 2019
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Sometimes, there are rooms in an apartment that doesn’t click with you as it is. And one of those might be the bathroom, a sacred place of privacy that might be riddled with dull and boring features or some pretty bad design desitions. Fortunately, your apartment bathroom doesn’t always have to stay that way. Although you can’t do any serious remodeling, with a bit of creativity, a series of easy tips, and a whole ton of deep cleaning, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

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Add Removable Wallpaper and Flooring

Dull, grimy, or just plain ugly walls and flooring just don’t cut it with making a pleasant bathroom. Given that you’ll still definitely need to deep clean it to get all the nasty things out, you can cover these unsightly parts of your bathroom with removable wallpaper and flooring. With these, you won’t have to break the bank and the bathroom to renew the space. You can easily mix and match different styles to really bring your personality to the room and you can even change them to completely new styles every now and then. The best part is if you’re moving to a new place, you can easily remove these with the heat from a hairdryer.


Swap out the Lights

If your lights give off a harsh or hazy glow, chances are your bathroom is looking worse than it really is. So, don’t be afraid to swap out those lights for something with a soft glow that clearly illuminates the place. If you can and if you’d like, you can also change the light fixture to something more to your liking. Just remember to store the old one so you can put it back on when you move out.

Find The Perfect Temporary Storage

If you already have great bathroom storage in your apartment, that’s great. But, if you don’t, why not look for just the right storage items that are efficient and stylish at the same time? For example, you can store your towels in woven baskets, you can keep your bathroom stuff in ladder shelvings, or you can mount extra racks on your walls to keep other stuff. It all depends on the space you have and the style which you want to achieve.

Get Stylish Shower Curtains and Rugs

Your shower curtains and bathroom rugs are two things that can easily change how the room looks. It’s also two of the easiest things to swap out in the bathroom. If you want to liven up a dull bathroom, go for a shower curtain with a popping color or some great patterns. This can easily cover up what you can’t change in the shower stall. And if you want to draw attention away from some old floor tiles, try throwing in some soft and popping rugs. They make the bathroom look much more stylish than ordinary bath mats and they absolutely give it more personality.

Add Art

Who says you can’t bring in art into the bathroom? More than anything, they give much more interest to the room. You can fill up empty spaces on your walls with portraits or paintings and you can design your counter space with little handicrafts. A great idea would be to bring in something highly amusing or interesting to give yourself and your guests something to laugh at or ponder upon while brushing your teeth or answering to the call of nature.

Add Plants

Plants immediately give life to any space of the apartment. Plus, they greatly help clean the air we breathe. When choosing out plants for your bathroom, consider the amount of light the room is getting and the amount of humidity where they’ll thrive in. If you’re not particularly good with plants, don’t worry one bit because there are tons of indoor plants out there that are tough and are really hard to kill.

Coordinate Your Stuff

This is probably going the extra mile, but you can also opt to coordinate the look of your bathroom essentials. You can purchase coordinating bottles for your shampoo, soap, and body wash. Or you can store other bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and q-tips in simple glass containers. It not only gives a neater appearance to your bathroom, but they also make it look a hell of a lot more put together.

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