The Essentials of Turning Your Apartment Patio Into A Cozy Space
  • Kim
  • April 8th, 2020
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Decorating your apartment can be tasking but really fun. The moment you first moved in, you couldn’t stop thinking about what to put where. You read all of the magazines and get ideas on how you can design every corner of your home. There is one part, in particular, that is either ignored or well thought of – the patio or otherwise known as your outdoor living space. If ignored, it becomes a storage area and a total waste of space. But if it well thought of in terms of design and use, it becomes a favorite spot for homeowners. Here are the essentials of turning your apartment patio into a cozy space you will definitely love and enjoy.


Outdoor decor and lighting

One thing is for sure. If you only have a table and a chair in your patio, it just means you haven’t been putting so much thought into it. You have ignored it. No wonder you find yourself staying only in your living room and haven’t had the chance to get some fresh air and some sunlight.

The first thing you have to do is to simply make it look nice and comfortable with outdoor decor and some lighting that is soothing and inviting. Think of the patio as an extension of your living room. Whatever elements that make your living room comfortable, make those elements visible in your patio as well. Think of pillows, rugs, smaller accents like decor pieces, wind chimes, and other things you’d like to have. Your patio, your design.


Conversation Sets

Your patio or outdoor living space is the perfect place for comfortable conversations with family or friends over some coffee, tea, or wine. It’s a safe space for lounging so you have to have a good patio furniture set that will set the mood.

There are a lot of luxury full-scale patio sets you can choose from. They come with generous padding, cup holders, cooler tables, and even built-in fire pits. It really depends on the kind of style you want. But the most important thing is its comfortable and it’s a set that goes with the design of the inside of your home. You can even add a small outdoor dining set if in case you usually have some food with your beverage.

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Whenever you say outdoors, plants are most of the time associated with it. With some green around, it will make you feel like you are sitting on a bench with your feet on the grass while breathing in some fresh air. There’s a wide variety of plants to choose from. Whatever size or kind they may be, it’s important for you to have them around.


Shade and Privacy Screen

A well-designed patio meant for comfortable conversations will be occupied by people you hold dear in your life. It can also be a space where one could have some alone time. That means privacy is a big thing when it comes to this space.

Make sure that however wide your patio is, you get a privacy screen that would shut you away from outsiders while still getting that sunlight and fresh air you so deserve. A shade is also one thing you should also consider. Sunlight is good but too much heat will not make the experience relaxing at all.

These are the essentials in turning your apartment patio into that cozy space. All it takes is for you to finally decide on a design and make it happen. Now, before you go on a shopping spree, make sure you get the right measurements of your patio so you get the right size for all the elements you will be putting into what will become one of your favorite spots at home.

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