Ethical Home Decor: What To Know About It
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  • January 31st, 2020
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Today, more and more people take sustainability and the idea of “going green” quite seriously. Buying habits change to reduce the carbon footprint, making eco-friendly products the norm. This growing trend is definitely seen in home renovation as well as interior design which is why ethical home decor is an obvious choice for those who want to have a conscious style home. Here’s what you need to know about it and how to pull it off with your own unique design style.

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Ethical Shopping Terms to be Familiar With

Ethical home decor has a lot to do with ethical shopping and some phrases that relate to that: fair trade, organic, sustainable. Fairtrade means that those who made the product were paid fairly and work in safe, eco-friendly working conditions. Organic refers to products grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Finally, sustainable means that in the process of making products, ecosystems are not disrupted. This also means that not too many resources were used in the process so that future generations will be able to still use the same. So, be sure that these terms are used to describe the item you intend to purchase.

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Where to Get Ethical Home Decor

Ethical Retailers

If you purchase home decor, look for ethical retailers like Williams-Sonoma, IKEA, The Citizenry, Parachute Home, Chairish, Viva Terra, and more. Retailer companies like these are committed to fairtrade and getting access ethically-sourced products. You can either run a search online for more options but be sure to check their website to know that they are truly environment-conscious.

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Local Artisans and Artists

Aside from getting the best vintage finds and bespoke design pieces for your home, buying home decor from local artisans and artists is good because the process of production has a much smaller footprint than those of commercial manufacturers. Another thing that’s great about this option is you’re helping out families make a living. Being community-driven even in our purchases is always an important thing to establish.

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Pre-Loved Shops

Thrift stores have been the go-to option when people want something timeless, rustic, personal, or unique in their homes. Beyond this, however, buying decor from pre-loved shops has an environmental, social, and personal impact whether we realize it or not. You make an impact on the environment simply because in buying second-hand items, you reduce waste and pollution that comes in production. You have an impact on society because some thrift stores are “charity shops,” raising funds for others in need. Finally, buying decor from pre-loved shops has a personal impact because you save more money and become even more creative in home design.

Upcycling and Repurposing

Instead of throwing away furniture or other home decor pieces, why not make something new out of it? This is a good idea for a business nowadays. To do this right, you need to plan, have a good set of tools, and be imaginative. The key is to think of how something can be used differently. For example, using an old ladder as a way to display your succulents or transforming that old refrigerator into a couch. There is so much you can do with some imagination!

In this age of smart living, it is better to embrace sustainability even in the way we spruce up our homes. Choosing ethical home decor not only makes your home look stylish, but it also adds value to your space knowing that you contributed something good to the society and the environment.

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