Fall Decorating Guide: Ideas to try in your Apartment
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  • September 18th, 2020
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Summer is almost over! We say goodbye to the sunny cheerful patterns and say hello to cozy earthy color knits, scarves, and massive blankets. Don’t forget some pumpkins, the star of this season, and some gorgeous leaves to put here and there. With so many of us stuck at home due to the pandemic, we are forced to put extra effort into making our look and feel extra special. Here we give you the fall decorating guide for your apartment.

Fall Decorating Ideas You Should Try in Your Apartment

If this is your first time decorating your living space, you are in for a treat because we have easy, doable things anyone can do. All it takes is a bit of motivation and a dash of creativity. Now, on to it!


Set the Mood with colors found in nature

First thing’s first. Set that inviting, cozy mood by bringing in the colors found in nature into your home. Shades of green, yellow, brown, orange, and maybe even some burgundy. These colors on your curtains, carpets, furniture, and even wall decor can instantly turn any room in your apartment into a fall-ready living space.

Bring in some Fall Leaves inside

Colors aren’t the only things you can bring into your apartment. It’s this time of the year when you can go crazy with bringing in some fall leaves inside your home. These are the very essence of autumn.


Have some dried wheat bundles as centerpieces, have a leaf garland on your mantel, arrange some birch bark leaves into a wreath, or make a mobile out of dried leaves and hang them at a corner in your apartment or in the balcony. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with fall leaves. You can also hang some seasonal plants like orange-tinged foliage or have flowers in vintage tins to get more of that autumn vibe.

Have a Thankful Heirloom Pumpkin Display

Unique and elegant. These are what heirloom pumpkins are and these are what you should in your apartment this season. Take a sign that says “Thankful” and just have a few pumpkins to put around. Make sure they are of different sizes. This adds to the whole beauty of this display. Have this display either over a mantle, counter or credenza, or even on the floor in front of your fireplace if you have one. You can even have some mini pumpkins in a shallow rustic dish to put on the kitchen counter to give that room the instant vibe it needs.


Plaid everywhere

You have the colors, you have the dried leaves, and you have the pumpkin. Now let’s have fun with some plaid everywhere. The most appropriate pattern for this season. It makes any space feel warm and cozy. You can have it on your throw pillows, blankets, lampshades, or as an accent in the bedroom or in the living room. Most importantly, you can dress your kitchen table in plaid. It could either be a table runner, napkins, or a combination of both.

Fairy lights in Mason Jars

All of the design ideas mentioned above are perfect for the day time and, yes, even night time. But one way you can make your apartment feel warmer and homier in the evening and make it come alive is to have some fairy lights everywhere. For more creativity and to add to the whole fall vibe, have these fairy lights in mason jars. They’re like fireflies inside a bottle!


Rugs, blankets, and knits

Lastly, bring out those thick blankets and knits you’ve been hiding and get some rugs with dark pink and navy blue colors to bring a fall-ready feel. Stack a few blankets or knits with different colors in a wicker basket or in a corner somewhere in your apartment. This adds more color to the space and encourages guests to get cozy and snuggle up!

These six easy decorating tips will instantly get you ready for fall. They’re not that hard to do and the materials are cheap and easy to find. Have some fun and start making your place autumn-ready with these fall decorating guides and you are sure to turn your apartment into that warm, cozy place perfect for the season.

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