Fire Safety Tips For Your Apartment
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  • June 14th, 2019
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Unexpected accidents are the most terrifying moments for a person living in an apartment. I know a lot of tenants are double cautious when it comes to these things, especially fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 499,000 structure fires that occurred in 2017 and 72% of this happened in home structures.

In 2015 and 2018, almost half of the reported fire incidents are caused by home cooking equipment, in 2019 the second leading cause of fire is electrical wirings, and in 2017, home structure fires are mostly because of holiday decorations, etc.

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The causes of fire are pretty much preventable, you just have to know some apartment fire safety tips that can help you avoid these mishaps. Since you are living in an apartment building you must be able to think ahead to be able to be prepared in case of fire. So here are some of the handy apartment fire safety tips that can help you have a living space that is fire-safe.

Highly Used Apartment Fire Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips

As mentioned above, electrical fire is the second leading caused of fire in 2019. To avoid this you can use surge protectors, a device that hinders appliances voltage spikes or power surges that normally cause high damage to a home appliance that leads to malfunctioning or worst fire.

Develop a habit of checking your electrical wiring for frayed, cracked or potential hazards. If you noticed one immediately unplug it and replace it with a new one. Plus, it is a common mistake for us to overload an extension cord, when in fact we don’t suppose to do it. Even though extension cord has alotted numerous plugs we should and never overload it this is due to the fact that it can cause the circuit wiring to overheat and melt and later on leads to fire.

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We also need to watch out for our space heaters at home. As much as possible we should stay it away from any curtains, or flammable materials preferably three feet away from anything.. Space heaters, if not used properly, can be a cause of serious damage. Always remember to turn it off when leaving the room or before sleeping.

Lastly, always unplug appliances if you are not using it. This helps you conserve energy and be safe from any unexpected short circuits.

Install Smoke Detectors

Installing a smoke detector is the number one apartment fire safety tip. Smoke Detectors help you avoid big fires from happening. It immediately alarms you if something is burning. It is really a good idea to at least put one smoke detector in each for you to make sure that your home is safe from fire even you are asleep.

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For those who already have smoke detectors, it is a must to check them at least once a month if they are working. If the smoke detectors are battery operated, it is wise to change the batteries once a year for you to make sure that these detectors are prepared for detecting any smoke.

Kitchen Anti-Fire Rules

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Fire Escape Plan

First things first, in creating a fire escape plan you must be able to identify the best way out for you. So it is best if you know if there are fire exits in your building. Secondly, check your windows if they are easily open from the inside, this is to make sure that if the worst scenario arises you can still get out of your apartment easily. Third, check if emergency lights in your apartment are working like exit lights. Fourth, prepare a fire escape kit (you can buy them in hardware shops). The kit usually contains a mask to protect you from the smoke or toxic gases, heavy duty gloves, heat reflective blanket, and a glowstick that can help navigate your way out.

It is always better to plan ahead for this kind of accident, we want to make sure that no matter what happens we will be able to survive and get out safely with no injuries or at least minor injuries only.

Keep in mind that precautions are better than saying sorry and regretting it in the end. Be wise and prepare. Try your best to follow these apartment fire safety tips for you to have a fire-safe home.

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