Fresh Ideas for a Dreamy Laundry Room
  • Kim
  • October 4th, 2018
  •   Blog

If you want to have the laundry room of your dreams, you will definitely need some luxe appeal that balances the clean and classy vibe as well as guarantee form and function. To achieve just that, here are some fresh ideas that may get you inspired and stay on top of linen drudgery.

Be strategic with space. For one, the location of your laundry room should consider the family routine which includes muddy boots and your pet’s paw prints. It may be a good idea to have your laundry area close to the kitchen and the back door.

Keep everything streamlined. A laundry room has all sorts of things such as drying racks, ironing boards, washers, dryers and other what-nots. To keep things at bay and have that beautiful clean aesthetic, be sure to create space for everything and conceal them behind large doors.

Have fun with color. The last thing you need is a dull laundry room so why not have fun with its design and color? Some would recommend having walls painted in dark shades, while others would have cabinets painted rich blue. The laundry space can also be made more invigorating with adding patterned tiles.

Be smart with storage space. Incorporating a lot of storage space makes a laundry room even more efficient. You can have cabinets for clothing, linens, detergents and other things. Exposed shelving is also a great idea where you can sort your laundry or organize things with basket organizers.

Functionality should never be compromised. It is a good idea to install a large and deep sink especially when you need to hand-wash clothing or if you need to do some soaking to remove stains. You can even include a clothing rod so anything that needs air-drying will be easily hung. Finally, be sure to include some countertop space for ironing and folding.

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