Give Your Home Some Personality With These Paint Colors
  • Kim
  • March 8th, 2019
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Switching to a darker palette for your home is not at all easy. These tones are intimidatingly moody and difficult to match. But if done right, the color risk is worth it. The secret is to think about the space you would like to paint these darker colors with. What kind of room will it be and how will these spaces be used in your home? Once you nail that, picking the color would be easy. There’s no going wrong.

Paint your Living Room All-Gray
Choosing the monochromatic color scheme in shades of gray increases the feeling of calm and happiness. Gray has long been known as a cool, balanced and neutral color. It is a color of intellect and wisdom that exudes timelessness and elegance. If your living room windows let a lot of natural light in, you will surely be happy with gray.

Make your bedroom Green The color green is the most common color in the natural realm. It is actually second to blue as the common favorite color. Green symbolizes freshness and progress. It also boosts creativity. The moment you see green in your bedroom, your muscles are more relaxed and are instantly calmed while also feeling invigorated. Painting your bedroom with emerald or forest green is what you would want to go for. They easily go with wood accents, white trim, and pops of pink.

Go All-Black in your Entertainment Room A luxe black entertainment room definitely makes your home the coolest place to hang out at. If you play around with the shades of black, you will be able to balance things up. Be sure to use soft textures in the rug and furniture. This will help your room feel warm and welcoming. As a side note, you can also paint your kitchen black with accented nickel hardware for Regency style.

Now, if you still feel that you’re not that willing to take the risk and jump right at painting your home in darker tones, it’s okay. Take baby steps. You can incorporate darker colors in your design scheme. Whether it is just painting your hallway with a darker tone or paint just the trim of things, that is perfectly fine. The point is, try new things once in a while. You won’t regret that.

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