Good Pet Birds for Apartments
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  • June 20th, 2019
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Birds as pets are perfect for apartment living. Not only are they adorable, but they too are quite special especially with their “songs” and “calls.” However, while a bird’s song may be music to the ears of its owner, people around may not feel the same way. To some neighbors, these songs are noise which may cause a lot of problems. So, if you live in an apartment that is pretty close to your neighbors, you might want to choose the species of birds that are quiet and, of course, fit your lifestyle. Here are good pet birds for apartments like yours.

Why You Should Get Yourself a Pet Bird

It does a lot of good to handle things the smart way, including keeping your apartment cool. Here are some things you can do.

There are many reasons why getting yourself a bird as a pet is good for you. For one, they are really smart. The National Audobon Society says that birds have the ability to solve problems and have cognitive skills which are evident in their navigating skills and their ability to use tools and even talk and count. Having an intelligent creature is surely inspiring. Another reason to have a pet bird is that they are low-maintenance and require minimal grooming.

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Fourth, birds are social creatures so with proper training and socialization, they can be affectionate and loving just like a cat or dog. Fifth, feeding birds is not expensive. Even if you invest in high-quality pellets, you can also share fresh fruits and vegetables that you always have in your home. Sixth, birds can easily thrive in small living spaces. Finally, birds can be your long-lived companions. In fact, some bird species can live until a hundred years. So, be sure you make a good choice.

5 Good Pet Birds for Apartments

Parakeets or Budgies are great in cozy spaces. These birds do a good job at not disturbing most people. All you need to do is to be sure that your cage is longer than it is higher than it is longer. Why? So your Parakeet can hop and fly. They need this in their daily routine. Never put parakeets in a round or cylindrical cage because this will simply not be suitable.

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Cockatiels have quieter voices than other larger hookbills. If you have space to spare in your apartment, the Cockatiel may be a great choice in your home. Even if they do need more space, their chirps will not reach decibel levels that bother your neighbors. Plus, these birds have a unique personality and are even able to whistle along with some music you play at home. These pretty birds adapt easily to most situations and are friendly to other birds.

Canaries and Finches are ideal companions for urbanites. These are rather small birds and their tiny voices are unnoticed by those who even try to hear them. The only concern you will have with Finches and Canaries is that they do know how to make a mess, so you will surely need both a vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum. Also, be aware that they don’t really like being held, so leave them be. They get frightened easily and may not do very well if you have young kids in the home.

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Parrotlets are lively but lack the ability to screech. As the name clearly describes, Parrotlets are small parrots. They are also called “Pocket Parrots” in the pet trade and they are the smallest members of the parrot family. Parrotlets chat rather softly and their chirps are inaudible at most cases, especially to picky neighbors. They are both acrobatic and lively and can learn how to talk. Even if Parrotlets are as playful as toddlers, they are also as affectionate. However, don’t let their small size fool you because they can get pretty aggressive when put on the spot.

Pionus Parrots are large birds with a quiet nature. These birds are confident and do not feel the need to vocalize all the time. There are different kinds of Pionus Parrots so make sure you do some research to find the perfect match to your lifestyle and living space. If you want a gorgeous and colorful one, go for the Bronze-Winged Pionus. If, on the other hand, you are particular with having an inquisitive and intelligent one, you can choose the White-Capped Pionus.

Having birds as pets are great for companionship and enjoyment. They also take a lot less work, so the next time you feel you need to have a pet that leans more to the quieter side of your personality, then find comfort in knowing that there are pretty good pet birds for apartments like yours.

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