Your Guide To Open Concept Apartment Interiors
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  • April 30th, 2020
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Open concept is the total opposite of the traditional layouts that have closed-in rooms for apartments or homes. According to Apartment Therapy, a real estate agent defines it as more than just an arrangement—it’s the feeling of not being confined in a tight space. This trend started in the ‘90s with the popularity of units located in industrial buildings that have an awful lot of space to work with. That trend continues on and is sought after by designers and homeowners everywhere.


Design ideas for Open Concept Apartment Interiors

You reading this means transforming your apartment to this particular layout has been on your mind for quite some time now. What you have to remember is that an open concept apartment is basically a living space without walls that divide the kitchen between the living and dining rooms (not the bedroom and bathroom of course).

It may sound uncomfortable because it takes out a bit of privacy but for some people, it’s a design that they go for because it creates the illusion of much more space. Whether it’s to get more space to just spice up the feel of your apartment, these tips will definitely give you that open space concept apartment interior that will surely make your living space a fun, breathy space.


Have one color scheme from one area to the other

The principle behind the open concept apartment is to have the kitchen, living room, and dining room seem to be in their respective areas without needing walls. It’s merely creating the illusion of division and ultimately getting the feel of more space. Having one color scheme that would cover two areas of that living space would do the trick.

For example, if you use grey for the dining room you could cascade that onto the kitchen. That way you make it look like it’s just one whole area while in fact, you’ve got two functioning spaces. That unifies the two spaces.


Use white for all walls, ceiling, and even cabinetry

Another trick you can do is to use white as colors for the walls, ceiling, and even cabinetry. Not only does it give you that open concept feel, it also makes your eyes believe that your space is actually bigger.

With white as a dominant color on your walls and in the ceiling, you now have the freedom to put furniture wherever you want. It now depends on how creative you move things around to make sure you “separate” the living room, dining room, and even the kitchen.


Get the right sofa to act as a wall

While an open space layout does not have walls, you still want to create an illusion of it just so your guests would know what belongs where. The right sofa can make that happen for you as long as it’s in the right size and position. Putting it between the furniture in your dining room and furniture in your living room, for example, creates that division you want without that wall.

yellow sofa

A tiny step makes a big difference

Yes, sofas can provide some separation. But what really makes a big difference is to have that tiny step that would bring you to an elevated platform that takes you to a different part of your home. This elevated space can be your dining room maybe and taking that step down can take you directly to the living room. A tiny step now makes that big difference.

This would definitely take much more work if your apartment doesn’t have this tiny step anywhere. So if this doesn’t work for you, the next trick will be your next option.

grey sofa

The area rug is your friend

Rugs are part of interior design. It’s both for aesthetic and comfort. But when you talk about the open space concept, rugs become part of the layout. This is as simple as choosing a rug that would take the whole space of your living room, for example. This would definitely create that feel that everything that goes in that rug is part of that space alone. You can have area rugs for any part of your living space. That way you get aesthetic, comfort, and many different spaces without the walls.

Your apartment is your living space. You can do anything you want with it. And if this breathy, modern, and spacious-looking concept is something you want to go for, then this guide to open concept apartment interiors would definitely help you achieve that.

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