Your Guide to Tidying Your Apartment Minimalist Style
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  • July 24th, 2020
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Minimalism is a lifestyle and it’s all about living only with what you need. Many have adopted this kind of philosophy; and it has become so popular those who aren’t minimalist to attempt to follow at least a few of what they practice. Part of that is how they stay neat and tidy. Here you will find a guide to tidying up your apartment minimalist style.

Apartment Guide: Minimalist style to tidying up

The best thing about tidying up like a minimalist is that you get a clean home while doing less. You save a lot of time and effort so you get to do more things. Below you can find five tips on how to make this work. On to it!

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Morning Routine

Ever since we were kids we were told to make our bed in the morning. It’s time we brought that back and actually did it. Making the bed is the first thing you should do before you start your day. As basic as it sounds, consider it a test if you can actually establish a routine with just a simple task. If you can handle that, you can handle the next few tips.

This routine can increase your productivity throughout the day and can make you look forward to a good night’s rest knowing you’re going home to a made bed in your apartment.

Do a quick cleanup in the morning and evening, once a week deep clean

The word quick in this context means five minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. It’s all about mindset and telling yourself that in those 5 minutes before or after you have breakfast, your mind is set on tidying up. The same is for 5 minutes before or after you sit down to watch television in the evening. You’d be surprised as to how much you can do in such short amount of time. Sweep the floor, remove clutter, put things in the right place, or do some dusting. The point is for you to make it a habit.

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While that’s established, schedule a once a week deeper cleaning for your apartment. This gives you the opportunity to do what you can’t in those 10 minutes every day. It may seem like once a day per week isn’t enough; but with the 5-minute morning and 5-minute evening routine, you’d be surprised as to how less you need to do in that one day deep clean.

Batch chores

Batching is a technique wherein you schedule chores in batches instead of randomly spreading them on different days. Planning and knowing when to pay bills, do your laundry, or do your groceries saves you more time than you think. For example, you could intentionally do your groceries and pay your bills on a specific day and do your laundry and deep clean on a different day.

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Think of what needs to get done in a week and plan. Spreading them randomly removes your productivity and you end up squeezing or finding the time for it which can be quite stressful. Multitasking isn’t as effective as you think sometimes.

Use the exact set of dishes, clean up right after you cook

If you have five people living at home, then just use a set of 5 dishes. This eliminates the need to use more and ultimately wash more. Guests can arrive on some days but that you can prepare for. Meanwhile, having just the exact amount of dishes would do just fine.

While preparing meals, make the “wash as you cook” a rule in your apartment. That means, whatever kitchen utensils you use get washed right after you use them and not left in the sink. That way, after you finish your meal, you only have 5 sets of dishes to wash which would only take a few minutes to do.


Closet Clean up

If you use the exact set of dishes you can also try to do a closet clean up and only keep what you need. This is the most difficult part sometimes most especially if you are one who is into fashion. The upside of getting into this is that you get rid of clothes you don’t actually wear and end up having more space in your closet. That and of course having to exert less effort doing your laundry.

This apartment guide to tidying up minimalist style is just what you need if you are looking into doing some lifestyle changes. Staying clean and keeping things tidy does more than just maintain your apartment, it also increases your productivity and gives you time for more meaningful things. Minimalist or not, stop living in a cluttered messy apartment. It’s time for some change.

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