Get a High-End Living Room in 5 Steps
  • Kim
  • November 12th, 2018
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An ideal living room should have a number of qualities to be described as balanced, well-appointed and beautifully-designed. Apartment Therapy says that the arrangement should be conducive for conversation and that all elements in the living room feel sophisticated because they marry beautifully. Now, when it comes to design, it is recommended to design with layers and this can be done in these easy steps.

Define your space with a bold rug. Open living areas are a trend nowadays and the word “living room” can feature a kitchen and a dining area. So, to define your living room space, start by laying down a rug and establishing a seating arrangement around it. This is the first layer of design you’d need to work on. You would need a rug that has a lot of personality through its colors and it should be the perfect size. This will surely visually establish your living room area. The key is to choose a rug that makes a strong statement either with a pattern, color, or texture, says Adrienne Breaux.

Proceed with establishing your furniture layer. Always go for solid, neutral furniture pieces. You don’t have to get a furniture “set” that is matchy-matchy. Instead, choose a mix of complementary pieces. These pieces ought to sport various styles and shapes that feel that they go together naturally. You can also experiment on neutral-colored upholstery rather than having just one color.

Add in a bit of your personality with family heirlooms, vintage pieces, or indoor plants. The last thing you want to happen is to have your living room feel like it came from a catalog. So, don’t be afraid to add unexpected things that reflect your personality. Of course, the key word here is “moderation.” You also wouldn’t want to end up with a stuffy room.

Play around with texture because texture in design is vital. You can easily do this by adding some throw pillows on the couch or displaying beautiful woven baskets around the living room area. In addition, try to soften your living room with round accessories like mirrors to contrast the straight lines of modern furniture. This add interest and visual softness.

And of course, like a cherry on top, be sure to check for visual balance. You should “feel” good with the overall look.

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