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  • May 25th, 2018
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Homeowner Erin Flett said, “Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” Those words give us the license to fill our living space with unique things that reflect who we are. However, the truth is, purchasing such items may come with a high price tag. But then, if you’re the type of person who loves his home, then you have all the right to splurge on one-of-a-kind finds. Here are some of home décor pieces that are worth your investment according to Vogue and Architectural Digest.

Art is Life.

People are inclined to be particular with aesthetics, making them naturally artistic. Vogue says that “art is the essence of your home’s style, and as such, it isn’t a place to cut corners.” This is quite true. So, when it comes to sprucing up your home, invest in pieces of art that are meaningful to you rather than buying pleasant-looking frames that don’t really bring out who you are.

Don’t underestimate the elegance of Rugs.

Large rugs are what you want and not the tiny ones that seem to be disposable. When you have a large space to fill, room-filling rugs are great to have. What you want in quality rugs are those that can stand the wear and tear. Being particular with making sure that the rugs are made of natural fibers that have intricately designed patterns through artisanal handwoven techniques.

A Center Piece for the home’s entryway.

Designer Greg Natale recommends that the entrance hall should set the proper tone for the rest of the space. Further, he advises investing in a high-class entry table that almost immediately wows visitors.

Splurge on “The Wild Card.”

Whether it’s a creative piece from a flea market or an eccentric lamp you saw in a shop that you just know will make you feel happy every time you see it, don’t hold back. Go ahead and buy it for yourself. Even if it may not be perceived as useful or practical, you know you bought that because it makes your home feel more like you. There’s nothing like reflecting your own personality in your very house.

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