Living with Kids? Create a Luxury Play Room, Here’s How
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  • August 16th, 2018
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With the growing number of families starting up in luxury apartments, having a playroom is slowly becoming a norm. This is affirmed by managing principal, Nancy J. Ruddy of design firm CetraRuddy when she said that playrooms are becoming an important amenity in luxury residential buildings.

If playrooms from 15 years were as simple as having a few toys over linoleum floors, today, things have been a lot more sophisticated making playrooms around themes like forests, fairylands, the safari, fishing lakes, a music-themed play space, and just about anything you can imagine. If adults deserve the best, so do kids nowadays.

How to Set up your Kids’ Play Room

The most important facet of a children’s playroom is creating an environment for creative play.

This means that the designs should include a lot of space for playing, reading, working, and lounging. This makes the children feel a sense of wonder and excitement, which is definitely what you want. Whatever it is you would want to put in your kids’ playroom, be sure to remember Apartment Guide’s four basic elements.

Be sure to have things and fixtures in the room for clutter control.

One of the real reasons why you would also want to have a playroom is for your children’s things to be in one place. So, be sure to have furniture and shelves to keep everything organized. You can have a craft desk, wooden bookcases, toy organizers, wall shelves, and other things that will make organizing easier.

Have kid-friendly flooring.

This makes things a bit more interesting that would make the children love their room. You can have colorful carpet squares, animal squares, rugs that show shapes, music, or maps. You can even set up different stations made distinct with different colored rugs.

Tables, workspaces, and seating are a must.

Every child needs a child-sized furniture. They would need to be comfortable working on stuff they love doing, for sure. Add in a few bean bags, or pillows so not everything is hard and sturdy.

Be creative and add in some fun stuff.

Ask your kids what they want in their playroom. This encourages ownership and they themselves will learn to appreciate their space and take care of it. You can have a kid-sized basketball hoop, a tent, a writing wall, maps, and so many other things depending on your children’s interests.

Everyone in the house should have a space they can call their own and this includes the kids. Setting up a kid-friendly “clubhouse” gives the children a place to call their own to interact with their friends, have a sense of independence and have a place to be creative. And the adults? Well, having a kids playroom keeps the mess out of their homes.

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