Making the Most Out of Your Stay-In Weekend
  • Kim
  • January 30th, 2019
  •   Blog

Who says a weekend at home can’t be fun? When you’ve got time on your hands and not much else, you have the opportunity to bust out your creativity and bond with friends or family. When the indoors are calling, here are a couple of ideas that can help pass the time.

Try some DIY

DIY is no longer the mini arts and crafts project we remember it to be as kids. Do-it-yourself projects have been trending for some time, and there’s definitely a reason why. From DIY slime to plant art and even decoration pieces that will fit right in your shelves or hang on your walls, there are hundreds of DIY projects you can look up online. There’s no better feeling than finishing a project. You can even post your masterpieces on social media to take pride in your time well spent.

Pick a game, any game!

Games are for everyone, no matter how old. If you’re craving an interactive indoor stay with friends and family, then games will certainly spice up your weekend. Whether it’s board games, video games, or tiny friendly competition games, you will definitely make a weekend hangout just as fun as going out.

Cook your heart out

Strap on an apron and try your hand at a recipe you’ve never used before. Fall in love with your kitchen and use it to its fullest potential. See what you can make out of leftovers or out of a ten dollar budget. Food is an art that you can certainly get creative with, and it’s a plus that you get to eat it afterward.

Weekend Movie Marathon

If you’re planning to just sit back and relax this weekend, then it would be a great time to get the popcorn popping and scan through Netflix. Watch a film you’ve never seen before or re-watch a film that brings back some good memories. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to just snuggle up in a cozy seat and enjoying some quality home entertainment.

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