What Do Modern Renters Need Today?
  • Kim
  • February 13th, 2019
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Times a-changing and this is definitely true with urban apartment life. Gone are the days when the words “swimming pool” in an apartment listing would instantly attract people. Today, living in the modern world means smarter and more personal tech, tight security, mixed-use development, wellness centers, and luxurious amenities. So, if you are looking into living the life you feel you deserve and work hard for, then look into having any of these modern renter must-haves.

Personal technology that comes in more intelligent gadgets and systems.

Forbes reveals that more practical robot solutions will be available for modern homeowners. This technology includes mobile robots that can perform some interesting things like disseminating news, video conferencing, and be a source of entertainment. Robotic pets are also genuinely possible to have to comfort the elderly as well as provide security surveillance. The emergence of “wireless charging” at home is also one thing to look out for.

Co-working spaces for the tenants’ “work-life balance.”

Without a doubt, urbanites focus on their careers and mobile technology is something they definitely cannot live without. So, having co-working spaces in the apartment building is definitely an edge. There are high-end condos where you find comfortable and modern, comfortable office rooms. Because of the rise of shared office spaces, this amenity will be highly in demand.

A private movie theatre for some screen therapy anytime you feel like it.

Theatre rooms with high-end screens and reclining chairs are definitely something anyone today would love. Coupled with quality stereo systems, watching a movie at home will surely be a totally new experience. As they say, there is nothing quite like some popcorn time and a good movie to end the week.

High-tech security systems with remote viewing and monitoring.

This kind of system is a basic need for the modern homeowner because it allows them to see what is happening in your home through apps and browsers. When you are away, you can keep watch on your house through the mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. High-tech security also includes wire free remote CCTV camera to assume control over your home.

More luxurious amenities good for your well being.

Having bicycle valets, car-charging stations, yoga studios, spas, and rooftop pools is pretty much the standard now in metropolitan condominiums. If any or most of these perks come with a renter’s monthly dues, the cost would not be a problem at all. Renters today simply want to get the best out of their dollar.

Not having to use your car. Ever.

Since a lot more urban dwellers today choose not to drive their own cars, everything they need should be strides away from where they live. This is why apartments nowadays make sure they have connectivity and security. Going green is also the trend so city dwellers will most likely want walkable communities. High-end retailers, coffee shops, parks, leisure, and business hubs are within a few blocks away from mixed-use rentals.

Modern renters look for convenience in everything. With small sacrifices, this kind of life is attainable. You just have to be pretty smart with your choices.

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