Move to Your Dream Home with Ease
  • Kim
  • June 4th, 2018
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After the long search, your dream home is finally yours. Of course, there is nothing like the feeling of pride and success in finally having to move to that new place you’ve been saving, planning and preparing for. However, the next thing to deal with is the hassle of packing up and actually moving. Sometimes, this can be physically painful and can cause some anxiety because you’re actually uprooting a part of your life. It’s a good thing there are things you can do to make moving less stressful and keep your sanity.

Write your very own Moving-Out Master Plan

In reality, when it comes to storage, you’ll always feel the need for more. So, when it comes to planning out your walk-in closet, think of the floor and ceiling closet space. Ideally, Decoist says that there should be at least two inches between each hanging item. You’d also like to have your clothes to breathe in some air to preserve the fabric and material. Drawer space is another thing. Once you’ve folded you’re tops, it would be good to feel that the whole leaning tower of shirts wouldn’t topple down when you pull one shirt out. Also, have each rods and shelves custom made for the types of clothes you have so they all look aesthetically pleasant.

The time to get nitty-gritty is when you write out every detail of what you own and would like to take with you to your new place. This also includes the things you need to clean or repair in the house you are moving out from and errands you need to do to be able to settle easily in the new home you are moving into. Apartment Therapy gives a set of guide questions to help narrow things down.

  • What can I live without or get rid of?
  • What are repairs I need to make before handing over the keys?
  • What errands should you do before the move is over? (canceling utilities, setting Internet in the new lace, getting a storage unit)

Be organized and smart in packing

For starters, it is a good idea to color-code the boxes with your precious items to get organized. Each color stands for certain areas in the apartment like red would mean, everything in that box goes into the kitchen. Green for the bedroom, yellow for the master living room, and so on. Another practical tip is to use towels and sheets to wrap fragile items. This saves a ton of money on bubble wrap. For electronics you’d need to pack, be sure to take a photo of the backs of each item. Take the photograph just before unplugging cables and such. This will surely save so much time in setting up in your new place. Finally, pack in layers. This means putting the heaviest items on the bottom, and the lighter ones on top.

Final things to remember.

Be sure to change your address a week before you move. This can be overlooked especially when things get really busy. For a smooth transition, be sure to file for a change of address in your local post office and wherever else it is necessary. Another thing to do is to pack an overnight bag on moving day. This bag should have all the essentials for a first night’s stay in your new apartment like a change of clothes, toiletries, your laptop, and a water bottle. Finally, be sure that all your important personal documents get in that overnight bag as well.

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