Must-Haves To Nail That Bohemian Style Apartment
  • Kim
  • May 29th, 2020
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Colors, plants, patterns, rattan, bright, multi-cultural, layers, and art. These are just some of the words associated with the Bohemian style. We see this style mirrored in living spaces, office spaces, restaurants, and even in graphic design. Boho design is definitely one that is sought after nowadays and may never go out of style. By definition, Bohemian refers to someone who is free-spirited and unconventional in an artistic way. If that’s you, and you are thinking of renovating your living space, here are some must-haves to make sure you nail that Bohemian style apartment.

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Go for a simple neutral base

One thing you have to remember when going for the Bohemian style is working with a neutral canvas. Using a bright base for a canvas creates a chaotic starting point. If you mix that base with the mixture of colors you have in a space, it all becomes too loud and busy.

What you want to do is to start with a simple color for your base. Go for warm and earthy tones like light brown for your walls, for example. This gives way to expressive color and pattern for other elements like decor and furniture. That way, you don’t need to worry about a lot of colors clashing with each other. It’s free-spirited but melodic in a sense as well.


A mix of Colors and Patterns

Creating a lush Bohemian vibe greatly relies on the mix of colors and patterns. Earth colors are always a go-to scheme for bohemian style. A lot of brown, green, yellow, red, or blue and maybe a bit of red. The trick is to stay away from the minimalist style and go for indulgent designs.

You can go crazy with contrasting patterned rugs and colorful throw pillows with different patterns in the living room or go for patterned pillows in the bedroom with darker luxurious colors like emerald green or burgundy. It’s really a matter of choosing a hue and having that cascade on to different elements of a space.


Low Lying Furniture

Floor seating is a distinct authentic style for Bohemian design. So the closer your furniture is to the floor, the better. You could get yourself a low-backed sofa with some poufs and throw pillows for extra seating and to ultimately complete the look. Also, the patterned rug you so carefully picked out now doesn’t just serve as eye candy for your living space but for extra seating for guests as well.

In picking out other furniture, make sure you choose antique pieces or items that have stood the test of time and have a story to tell. Think eclectic but comfortable. Boho style may come out to be a bit messy but should still be clean, comfortable, breathable, and fresh.

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Plants everywhere

Speaking of fresh, there’s one thing you just cannot get enough of whenever you design for bohemian style apartments. Plants or botanicals add to the whole look of your living space giving it that much needed green to the whole earth color scheme. Aside from giving your space a bit more personality, it also purifies the air in your home. From cactus plants to hanging plants, these easy and affordable decors are must-haves when it comes to putting finishing touches to your living space.



Being an artist means you do have a collection of either paintings, items that you’ve collected from your travels, maybe, or trinkets that you just love to see every now and then. They can even be hand-made items you’ve made in the past few years. The Bohemian style gives you the liberty to display them around for your pleasure or for guests to admire as well.

Don’t shy away from putting these items out there. Ultimately, they can become conversation starters and can somehow give an identity to your living space. Who’s identity? Yours, of course. That’s one of the best things about the Bohemian style.

Now that you have the basic know-how of what to have to nail that Bohemian style apartment, you can start to mix and match items that you already have even before you go on a shopping spree. Nailing this look shouldn’t be expensive. It’s more about having fun choosing what goes where and maybe doing some DIY with some or even most of what you put in there. It’s your space, your style.

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