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Although the number of residents living in Downtown Dallas declined in the late 1990’s, forecasts by the Central Texas Council predict the area will grow 500% by the year 2030. Many historic buildings are being converted into trendy residential lofts, and young professionals in search of an urban lifestyle are flocking to the area. Similar to housing in Deep Ellum, downtown Dallas offers a level of convenience unmatched anywhere else in the city as residents can walk to work, the grocery store, and the their local health club

Extremely popular among young professionals, the neighborhood’s median age is 30 years old and most homes have only one or two bedrooms. Most Downtown Dallas Real Estate comes in the form of converted lofts, condos, apartments, and luxurious high rises. While units in this community can be somewhat pricey, downtown is an ideal location for young professionals and singles looking for convenience and an urban lifestyle. A short walk from downtown, Knox-Henderson is a great neighborhood for anyone looking to avoid the daily commute and live an eclectic environment.

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