Eastbridge Apartments in Lakewood

Lakewood Apartments Area and Neighborhoods

Running along the west side of White Rock Lake, Lakewood is a charming community of stately, large homes and quaint cottages on winding, tree-lined streets and a few scattered apartments. What binds the neighborhood together is a love for the community’s combination of natural beauty, easy access to the amenities of the city center, and a multitude of nearby restaurants, bars, unique shops, parks and local events.

The Lakewood demographic ranges from couple and families raising children to fun loving singles who enjoy the vibrant social and nightlife of Lower Greenville and Henderson Avenue.

It’s noted to be one of Dallas’ finest neighborhoods, and the people of Lakewood are often couples or families raising children, but singles love the area also. It is mainly a residential historic home area, but apartments are peppered throughout. It is a fun, fun, place to spend a Saturday or Sunday. Let’s get real, who hasn’t been to Lower Greenville? This historic street is filled with walkable eateries, restaurants, pubs, and unique shops. The Saint Patrick’s Day block party is well known and people come from miles around to drink green beer.

Campisi’s restaurant has been serving us all pizza and great italian food for fifty years or so. Nothing fancy, but do they draw the crowd. Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen took over the Dixie House location not too long ago. Those homemade tater tots are to die for and the down home comfort food speaks for itself.

Right across from Whole Foods is a shop called Curiosities. If you like antiques and vintage things from the past, this shop will give you a way to pass the time and you will see all kinds of unusual items. Gypsy Wagon will full fill your boho spirit and the super cute T Shop will make you want to spend money with their neat gifts and clothes.