How To Pull Off A Home Theater In Your Small Apartment
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  • October 30th, 2020
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Who doesn’t love movies? Most people are fond of watching them whatever genre they may be. But for serious movie lovers, it’s not just about the movies, it’s about the experience of watching them whether in movie theaters or at home. While going to the movies is not really so much of an option at this time, the only thing left to do is to have your own home theater even in your small apartment. “Is that even possible?” you might ask. Yes, it is. Here’s how to pull it off.


How to Set Up A Home Theater in a Small Apartment

You might have second thoughts about setting up a home theater in your small apartment. But hey, you’re a movie lover, there’s really nothing to think about. The only thing that should be in your mind right now is, “What’s the first thing I should do?”

Draft a Floor Plan

The first thing you should do is draft a floor plan for your living room. Yes, that part of your home is what we are working on. We know you’re not architects (if you are, then you’ve got this covered), but mapping out a simple floor plan to figure out what goes where wouldn’t really be such a hard thing. It may take a little work to move something here and there, but it’s going to be totally worth it. Here’s a step by step process:


Measure the total space you have

Figure out how much space you have for the whole home theater. Now, measure the distance between where your TV and speakers will be to where you will be seated. Now get the specifications of the TV you use (720p, 1080 p) and use a TV viewing distance chart and check the optimal distance you should have. Use a Crutchfield guide as well to know the best placement of your speakers. This information would help you know where to properly position everything – your TV, speakers, and the couch.

Mind the light and sound

Now that you have your space figured out, pay attention to light and sound. When you turn out the lights in your living room, do you get a lot of light? Where is it coming from? Is your TV opposite a window? Is it noisy?

These things you have to pay attention to. You might want to get some blackout curtains if you find that you have a lot of light even with the lights closed or position your TV where it cuts down excess light.

For sound, if the room is too empty, having your speakers too far away could produce echo which is the worst thing you could have for sound when watching movies. This is where your space becomes an advantage. A small apartment means a not-so-big living room meaning not a lot of empty spaces and that means less echo. Just remember to mount the speakers so it doesn’t get muffled by anything that can block the sound.

Mount your TV

Now this is an option. If you are more comfortable having your TV on your living room desk, then that’s great. We’re just here to tell you not to be afraid of using your walls when it comes to saving space. The same goes for your speakers too. If you aren’t allowed to put holes in your walls, there’s a way for you to build a fake wall to mounting your TV and speakers.

Consider using a Projector instead of a TV

Some of you might be on the lookout to buy a totally new home theater set up while some might stick with the set they have now. But if ever you are one of those looking to buy a new set up, consider using a projector instead of a TV. Hear us out.

TVs, while they’re the best to have, can eat a lot of space. With a projector, you can use a wall as your screen and it’s a great way to set up that optimum viewing distance. Plus, it makes you feel more of being in an actual movie theater. While you’re at it, invest in some good speakers to get that quality of sound you so richly deserve.

Get Accessories that give you a Theater Experience

Now that you have the optimum viewing distance and the right gadgets for your home theater, you can now get some accessories that will give you the total theater experience.

This would include getting a carpet if you don’t have one yet. This absorbs sound so it doesn’t distort and reflect and this makes sure the light coming from the TV doesn’t reflect from the floor. Also, a great comfy chair and some popcorn. Enjoy.

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