Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea To Move To Dallas
  • Kim
  • February 19th, 2018
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As the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas has so much to offer that is way beyond being the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, and FC Dallas. (Of course, those are a few of the many reasons why people decide to move to Dallas in the first place.)

The Big D is really more than just cowboys hair. It thrives from a rich culture and offers endless opportunities for personal and career growth. If you’re more family-oriented, Dallas is nothing short of ideal, specially with a laid back and friendly neighborhood that has a comparatively low crime rate. With that, and these six other reasons, moving to Dallas could be one of the best decisions anyone would make.

1. The Economic Boom

yment in Dallas is at an all time high. Since the recession, more than 400,000 jobs were created bringing significant economic growth. Aside from that, Dallas offers high salaries. Texas is also one of the seven states in the Union that do not have State Income Tax. This provides the residents a higher standard of living. And, it is also but impressive that about 21 Fortune 500 companies have called Dallas their home, as well as 23 of the richest Americans.

2. Affordable Housing

Residents have comparatively a more disposable income because of its salary rates and low cost of living. This makes it quite easier to buy a home specially that housing prices are affordable. In the year 2015, Dallas is the 3rd Best City for Millennial home buyers with an average of $178,000 in home prices and about $1,500 in rent prices.

3. Outstanding Schools and Universities

Dallas is home to some of the best public high schools in the US like those in the areas of Plano, Southlake, Highland Park, Frisco, and McKinney West. When it comes to colleges and universities, some stellar institutions include Southern Methodist University (SMU), Texas Christian University (TCU), University of North Texas (UNT), and the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

4. The Largest Urban Arts District in the US

When it comes to culture, Dallas has it all. In addition to its urban parks and green spaces, the art scene speaks of so much. One of such places is the 5.2 acre Klyde Warren Park, located in Downtown Dallas. The park was named after the young son of billionaire Kelcy Warren. Another significant institution is the Dallas Museum of Art. The major art museum located in the Arts District along Woodall rodgers Freeway features more than 24,000 objects dating from the third millennium BC to the present day. It is one of the largest art museums in the US.

5. Tons of Things to See and Do

Texas has a good weather all-year long and with that comes so many things to do and see. Every October, Dallas holds the Texas State Fair with such great finds to discover. The country’s largest Farmers Market is also located in the middle of Dallas which opened in the late 1800’s. Outdoor Recreation includes camping, hiking, and fishing in renowned state parks like Lake Mineral Wells, Ray Roberts Lake, and Dinosaur Valley. When it comes to food and dining, Dallas has more restaurants per capita than any other metro area in the US.

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