What To Look For In A Roomie
  • Kim
  • January 3rd, 2019
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Apartments can be a little pricey. With expenses like food and bills that need to be covered, it’s a breath of fresh air whenever they are less. Thus, getting roommates to share them with is the most preferable thing when living in apartments. However, having someone to live with under one roof can be very tricky whether it is a complete stranger or someone you know. Here are a few tips to ensure you will enjoy your apartment life without all the hassle.

They are not a slob but also not a neat freak

Sure, a tidy apartment is the best way to go, but roommates who can be relaxed with a few clutter here and there is preferable too. They don’t have to pressure you when you missed the cleaning day so you won’t have to do the same.

Tolerable habits and quirks

Living together requires harmony. Compromising is one way to achieve that. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate the little habits that will become a bother to you. Perhaps they want to leave the bedroom light on when they sleep while you, on the other hand, want to bathe in the darkness. It is important to consider their pet peeves and quirks first before taking them in. You have to live under the same roof after all.

Both of your temperaments match

It doesn’t mean that both of your personalities should be the same. Take time to reconsider choosing a roommate where your lifestyle won’t affect theirs. If you love hanging out and socializing at parties all night, don’t take in someone who prefers a quiet weekend with a book.

Communicating well with each other

Since there will be more than one person living in an apartment, the responsibility of maintaining the place must be shared. Having good communication between both of you will ease your living conditions. Errands such as washing the dishes, cooking meals, taking out the trash, and even paying the rent can be organized. Checking up on each other from time to time will help both of you to live in comfort.

Mutual interests

Perhaps you just want to have someone you can share the rent with, but having a roommate with the same wavelength as yours would be great. If both of you like to be fit and healthy, you can do a yoga session or hit the gym together! Love movies? Queue up both of your favorites on Netflix for a movie marathon. A shared interest, whether small or irrelevant as you might think, can help you connect with your roomie!

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