How To Do Scandinavian Style Interior Design For Your Apartment
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  • March 19th, 2020
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Simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Those are the pillars of Scandinavian design. They’re also the very reasons the world has fallen in love with this style. Scandinavian homes use a combination of textures, soft hues, cozy accents, and modern furniture. Natural materials like wood, leather, and hemp are commonly used. The style is also often influenced by nature which brings in the use of natural elements and shapes. These are then tied together with earthy muted tones and plenty of natural light. And altogether, these design elements create a warm and inviting feel that wonderfully entangles purpose and comfort together.

Scandinavian style really makes your home a sanctuary that you’d be excited to see at the end of every day. At first glance though, it may be daunting for some to take it up. But, don’t fret. Here are some key points you can go by to help you get started.

Focus on Neutral Colors

Scandinavian style is known for having minimalist color palettes often including hues of gray, black, white, and brown. Designers often use these to create high contrasts to create a dramatic look. For instance, an all-white living room is paired with black modern furniture. It can also be paired with greys and blue textiles for a softer but equally stunning look. The baseline is achieving a clean and soothing look.


This trademark color palette is accompanied by subtler touches of color to create that warm and inviting feel. Warm wood tones, sepia hues, and off-whites are often used to make a room feel sunny and bright without moving away from the neutral palette. Although bright colors are rarely used, they can also be incorporated in small bursts. For instance, a bright artwork amid a neutral-toned living room or a yellow throw blanket in a grey and white themed bedroom.

Accessorize With Cozy Textiles

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Hygge which simply means coziness is an important factor of Scandi design. This is what makes the style effortlessly cozy despite its minimalist flair. It also stems from the fact that Scandinavian regions have extremely cold temperatures. So, warm textiles are a must. This includes throws, carpets, sheepskins, wool, and the like. Layering them is also a very welcome option.

Opt for Light-Colored Flooring

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To continue the light and airy feeling of the room, light-colored flooring is preferred in Scandi design. Also, instead of wall to wall carpeting, this style leans for more natural materials like hardwood. It’s either set up in its natural color or painted white. This creates the illusion of a spacious room while still being inviting.

Combine Wood and Metal Accents

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Aside from flooring, Scandinavian design also prefers simple wooden furniture or fixtures. Not only is it inviting but, it also creates a timeless look to your home. More recently, designers have also started incorporating metallic elements into the style. This includes brass pendants, sleek modern lamps, and abstract copper fixtures. These add a little shimmer and interest to the overall design of the room.

Keep Your Apartment Clutter-Free


One of the most important ways to keep your design look clean and simple is to make sure your space is clutter-free. Clutter should be organized and put in their proper places. And when it comes to Scandinavian design, the “less is more” mantra is preferred to create a visually relaxing and appealing space.

Chose Simple Decor

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Scandinavian decor revolves around simplicity and elegance. So, when choosing the decor, choose simple designs. Take tulip chairs, leather lounge chairs, ceramic vases, and ottomans. Although this style is predominantly on the modern side, it also features a mix of period accents like gilded frames and simple candle holders. This gives the home the feeling of being lived in and an extra touch of cozy.

Decorate With Houseplants

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Given its connection with nature, Scandi style often decorates with natural elements such as plants. House plants such as the money tree and the fiddle-leaf fig enhance the earthy element of the style. And they add a pop of color that complements the design of the room.

Lighting Is Key

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The biggest contributing factor to the light and airy feel of Scandinavian homes is their lighting. Most homes are flooded with natural light. And window treatments are kept at a minimum. In the colder months, flowing drapes accessorize the windows. Artificial lighting is also just as important. And in keeping with the simplicity of the decor, designers often pair the space with modern lighting with industrial designs.

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