Staying Cool in Your Apartment during Summertime
  • Kim
  • June 18th, 2018
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Everything is a state of mind, some say. During the summer season, when everything is damp, sweaty and just extremely hot, that calm state of mind goes berserk. (And no one likes someone who literally goes crazy.) So, to keep your cool, it’s important to give some effort to still stay comfortable and composed however how hot the weather becomes. Here are a few tips on how to stay cool in your very own home during the summer.

Open the windows.

There are certain windows in your home where it is most breezy. These are the windows you want to open. This encourages proper ventilation. Opening two windows in your home, letting the breeze in, would also create a cross breeze. This allows circulation, naturally. You even save on the air conditioning bill.

Make your very own Ice Fan.

This piece of advice is mentioned by The Art of Manliness. They recommend to get a large bowl and put some ice into it. Put this bowl in front of a box fan. Surely, you’ll get a nice feel to a chilled breeze. Of course, this is only ideal for certain areas of your home, and not the entire space. But then, this helps a lot especially when you’re watching a movie or catching up on some reading.

Do some Adjustments to your Sleeping Habits.

During a hot day, even the nights are terrible. You can’t really get any sleep because of all that sweat. You end up waking up on the wrong side of the bed. To minimize sleep discomforts due to the heat, cool yourself at night by first of all, changing the bed sheets. Choose cotton, especially during the summer time. Such fabric is light weight and breathable. Get rid of all the excess beddings. Use lose pajamas, too.

Lower your Body Temperature.

This can be done simply by taking a cold shower. Another way is to keep hydrated. You should always have a glass of cold water, some iced tea, or any beverage with ice. Also, use lightweight and lighter colored clothing. It also helps to take a refreshing dip in the pool whenever you feel like it. There’s nothing like taking the plunge.

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